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Future Technology

No description

Kertrina Law

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Future Technology

Future Technology
In this lesson you will:
Learn about new technologies.
Learn new and useful vocabulary.
And you will have made your own future robot!
What is 'Technology'?
in science or engineering which are useful or solve problems
Examples of Future Tech
Future Vehicles
The Kuratas Robot
Do you think this real? Or a hoax?
Technology =
[sometimes we say 'tech' for short!]
Paper Battery
They are:
thin and flexible
environmentally - friendly
BUT they are
Invisibility Cloak
Flexible computer/phone screens
The tablet that turns itself lumpy!

'Vehicle' means transport, such as car, train, motorbike...
Aerofex Hoverbike
Like in
The Ryno
Which of these two

(Hoverbike or Ryno)

do you think is best?
looks cooler
looks faster
looks more fun to ride
is a better design
looks more affordable
“I like the
more than the
because it

So, do we think the Kuratas robot is real or fake?
It’s REAL!
The Kuratas Robot is a made-to-order vehicle that you can order from a company in Japan.
Do you think the is real? Or a hoax?
So, do we think the Quadrotor is real or fake?
It's fake! It is a hoax!
This robot was filmed in the USA and features in the game 'Call of Duty Black Ops 2'
Let's make our own Robots!
Now design your own robot!
For example:
My robot is called Translatebot 01.
It’s Function is to help students learn English.
It’s Features include: English/Chinese Translation, a rocket launcher, and a jetpack so it can fly!
An Electric Unicycle!
Think about the name of your Robot
it’s function
and it’s features
It’s a big toy for people with lots of money! It costs 10495309.70 HKD!
Do you want one?
Which is the coolest?
Which is the most useful?
Paper Battery
Invisibility Cloak
Flexible Phone Screens
Tablet that turns itself lumpy
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