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Fly! Lesson 10.

No description

Joylene Calderon

on 27 June 2014

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Transcript of Fly! Lesson 10.

Part 1
College: UM
Part 2
Using what you have learned in this course, you are now going to help out a student named Rafael. Rafael has problems in four areas:

Physical: He’s gained 40 pounds over the last year.
Emotional: His girlfriend broke up with him and he misses her.
Intellectual: He wants to get A’s and B’s, but is getting D’s.
Social: His girlfriend was his only friend, and he is lonely now.
What Super ELL techniques can Rafael use to improve his life? Do you think his four problems are connected? Write three sentences giving your advice for Rafael.
Part 3
Ask a friend or family member to complete the Instant/Lasting Zone chart, focusing on their use of electronics. How are they using TV, their computers, or phones? Do they watch too much TV? Are they not using their computer enough to do real work?
Have them share their chart with you and offer some feedback on how they can better use electronics in their lives. Be sure to let them know that it is okay to spend some time playing video games, texting, or checking social media, but your feedback and evaluation might lead them to change how they are currently using their time.
I told my sister how she's good at mostly spending her time on the Lasting Zone. She tries really hard on her studies and will succeed. I also told her to always hit her Turbo button if she feels down. Also, that it's ok to spend time on her phone and watch TV, as long she is happy and does good things for the family and the community.
Fly! Lesson 10.
Always hit that Turbo button!
1. How much does it cost a year?
-UM costs $39,980 a year.
2. What is the percentage of students graduate?
-The percentage of students that graduate is 69%.
3. What is one thing that interests you about this school?
-One thing that interests me is the education and the high class of education that they give.
To improve his life, he first has to hit that turbo button!His four problems are connected by how his personal problems affect him and he gets emotionally down. I would tell him to always know there's solution to everything and be positive. To know that life will always present problems and you have to face them. Finally, to not give up on himself.
I asked my sister these questions and told her to fill in the chart. According to the chart, I see that she's more in the Lasting Zone. She barely uses the computer and the TV. She's kind of, mostly on her phone to communicate with us and text her friends. She uses her computer to do her classwork and check her social medias.
The End
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