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No description

brianna abney

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of tilie

Boxer siege of Beijing War reparations The Fight
After the boxer rebellion war The Boxer Rebellion These pictures are the chinese christains These are locations This is the boxer rebellions getting ready for the war This is the boxer rebellion fighting in the war This is were all the memories after the war was done This picture is when the war was, as you can see there are heads on the ground. This is a picture after the war when they are about to take somebody head off What are the boxers?
What did they want?
What is thier purpose?
boxers was a secret society of a young men trained in chinese martal arts and believed to have spiritual powers.
The boxers wanted to destory the ch'ing dynasty.
The purpose was to liberate china from foreign influence.
Shortterm-they killed all of the christains
Longterm-Thfe christains are not that popular until the day.
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