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Expository Middles

Every BIG IDEA wants its own paragraph.

Kevin Bonasera

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of Expository Middles

BIG IDEA Interesting Facts W -

S -

A -

D -

K - Picturesque Descriptions W -

S -

A -

D -

K - Convincing Reasons You can learn a valuable lesson when playing on a lacrosse team.

Last year was proof of that when my team lost in the state lacrosse finals.

Sweating through my jersey it was hard to catch my breath. We worked so hard together to get to this point to win the state championship and had failed. Crying on the ground my friend picked me up and said, "We win and we loose together". That somehow made the pain more tolerable and I stood up and stood their proud to be part of that team.

Even though we lost that game, I was so happy and proud to be part of a group of guys that had my back. There is no better feeling in the world then being a part of a team that supports you win or loose. Juicy Details You have to consider all the details when trying to determine the best classroom pet. Last school year we had a goldfish as a pet and it worked out great!

That fish was so simple to take care of. We proved that a 3rd grader could keep a fish alive almost with their eyes closed.

Assigning two students the classroom job to care for the fish was easy. It took the class 10 min. to brainstorm ideas for caring for the fish. Feeding the fish and cleaning the bowl was up to the two students that had the job that week.

I remember my teacher telling us that "our natural room temperature is ideal for our fish to survive".

So it is plain to see that a goldfish is easy to care for and has in the past made a great classroom pet for many students. While reading a magazine about video games, I found out an amazing fact. My eyes almost popped out of my skill when I first read that that playing video games can improve your memory. Who would have thought that fighting zombies could improve your brain power?
When I hear my mom holler, "turn off the video game", I can now tell her that I am training my brain for success.
This just goes to show, that video games are not only fun but
good for you too! MI - Fishing is not really about fishing at all. The main reason that I enjoy fishing so much is because of the beautiful places the sport can take you. MI: The First reason that I enjoy playing video games is because they actually improve my brain power. When I look back over all my most vivid memories, most of them take place outside while fishing.

I will never forget the first time that my dad took me fly fishing.

I can still feel the pressure from the cool river water on my legs and how awkward I felt with the fly rod in my hands. It was a perfect day! The leaves where changing colors and reflecting in the river making the most perfect backdrop for my cast (however ugly it was). Fish rose all around me, and yet, I could care less if I caught one.

"Cast your fly to the left", Dad whispered. "Thanks for bringing me out here Dad", I whispered back, as I extended my line towards the lush river bank.

At that moment I knew that fishing was a very special sport. It is not about catching fish at all, but about enjoying the beautiful surroundings that support a healthy ecosystem.

W -

S -

A -

D -

K - MI - One reason why you might also enjoy lacrosse is because it is a team sport using everyone in an organized way to achieve one "goal". MI: To begin with, gold fish are easy to take care of. W -

S -

A -

D -

K - Use WSADK to spotlight your Main Ideas
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