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New Product Launch Proposal

No description

Natalia Curbet

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of New Product Launch Proposal

Introducing BeTini Ready to Drink Cocktails BETINI APPLE BETINI CUPCAKE Betini AppleTini BeTini CupCake BeTini ready to drink AppleTini is a low calorie martini and is every bit is as delicious as a full calorie cocktail you would order at an upscale bar. The stunning bottle comes with its very own martini glass hidden inside the cap. With just 100 calories per 4oz serving you can enjoy the crisp apple taste without worrying about your waist. BeTini ready to drink Cupcake martini is dessert in a bottle. This low calorie cupcake-tini has vanilla cupcake notes on the initial taste with wonderful sweet frosting back notes. No one will believe it is only 100 calories per 4oz serving. The beautiful frosted glass bottle is topped off with its own martini glass hidden inside the cap. Now you can have your cake and drink it too! BeTini Advantages:
Low calories

Beautiful bottle design for your on/off premise or home display

Future release: Shatter resistant plastic for resorts and pools

Excellent price positioning

budgets for brand promotion, advertising and marketing Potential Competition NO
CUPCAKE BeTini brandLineup and packaging options
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