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Battle of Brown’s Mill

No description

Ashley Vasconcelles

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Battle of Brown’s Mill

Battle of Brown's Mill & Newnan Hospital Town
Newnan-Coweta - Georgia

Recognize a pivotal point in the history of this county and country 150 years ago. 

Create an economic impact via tourism, sales & hospitality.
Promote local heritage, history & culture.
Host a Reenactment of Battle of Brown’s Mill.
Preserve local artifacts, documents & historical sites.
Living History Day for all public, private and home schools, Friday, October 10, 2014.
Hold lectures with focus on medicine, & demonstrate medical procedures & triage of Civil War Era.
Raise funds for local historical projects.

Field Hospital with wounded

Dr. Jonathan A. Letterman, Union Surgeon for the Soldiers
Dr. Samuel Stout, Medical Director of Hospitals-Army of Tennessee
The Women Nurses : Fannie Beers & Kate Cumming
Hospitals & Hygiene: Introduction to Civil War Medicine & Surgery
Letters written by soldiers & their loved ones – 1st person
Stories of interest of local soldiers, families, businesses
(R.D. Cole Manufacturing Co.)
City wide church service on Sunday, Oct. 12th honoring those churches
Women in Black: Customs of Mourning & Tours of Oak Hill Cemetery
Ribbon work, beads, hair, hats
Funerals & Embalming

Living History Programs at Court House

Coweta County Court House
circa 1860’s

July 2014 – History Month
Saturday 12th & 13th - Education & Businesses of 1860's
City & County Churches during the 1860’s & their history
Saturday 19th - Historic Churches of the 1800's
Sunday, 20th - Music of the Civil War: Sacred Harp, FaSoLa,
Shape Note

October 10, 11, 12, 2014 – Reenactments/Living History

Reenactment of Battle – Coweta Fairgrounds

Medical Units/Hospitals
Downtown and A & WP Train Depot

Special Activities at the original battlefield site

Maj. Gen. Joseph Wheeler
Confederate Headquarters
Buena Vista, LaGrange Street

Life as a Soldier in 1864

Life away from home for the soldier
Signal Corp
Engineering & Map Making
Uniforms & Hats/Caps – colors & their meaning
Children as Soldiers
Animals: horses, mules, cows, pigs, chickens
Camp followers - Sutlers
Baseball – at camps & prisons

Volunteer & Participate in these Sesquicentennial events

Offer your expertise

Sponsor a fun event in October

Financial Support

How can your organization help?

150 Years

Grand Opening - Battle of Brown's Mill Site
July 27, 2013
Overview of Three Sites
Downtown Newnan Map
July 30, 1864 - The Newnan Train Depot
is under attack by Union forces
Medical "Sheds" Surrounding Coweta Courthouse
Map of Coweta County Fairgrounds
Sutler's Camp
Body Wagon
Nurse Kate Cumming tending the wounded
Sign Up Today
to Volunteer!
1st Person History Interpreters
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