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Which Frozen Liquid Will Melt The Fastest?

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Dawid Dabrowski

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Which Frozen Liquid Will Melt The Fastest?

Which Frozen Liquid Will Melt The Fastest?
Dawid Dabrowski

I did this experiment to find out which liquids melt the fastest. I choose Starbucks coffee, gatorade, water and orange juice as my liquids.
My purpose for this experiment was to find out which frozen liquid will melt the fastest and which will melt the slowest.
My hypothesis for this experiment is that water will be the one that will melt the fastest and the slowest will probably be coffee.
The materials that I needed are
4 Different Types of Liquid
An Ice Cube tray

1.Gather all the materials
2.Pour in the 4 liquids which are water,coffee,orange juice,gatorade into the ice cube tray.
3.Place in the freezer until frozen(approx:3hours)
4.After the liquids froze , take them out of the freezer.
5.Then individually place on each plate and start the timer.
6.Leave the timer on until each of the frozen liquids are defrosted.
7.Write down the times the frozen liquids took to to unfreez on piece o paper.

Data and Results
To my suprise my hypothesis was wrong.I thought water would be the fastest one that would melt but it was the slowest. The winner was coffee followed by gatorade followed by orange juice and finally water.
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