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Business Manage, Administration

No description

Cuevas Seven

on 9 August 2013

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Transcript of Business Manage, Administration

Business Management
& Administration

Career Cluster
Involves planning, organizing, directing and evaluating business functions essential to efficient and productive business operations.
Administrative and Information
Business Financial Management
and Accounting
Human Resources
Sales Managers
Cost Estimators
Survey Researchers
Training and Development Managers
Business Teachers, Post secondary
File Clerks
Telephone Operators
Couriers and Messengers
Computer Programmers
Database Administrators
Art Directors
Advertising Managers
Tax Preparers
Payroll Clerks
So You Want To Get here?!
Every big thing begins small
CEO's, COO's and many of the big dogs went through it.
The careers are plentiful in this field, there's always a place for you.
-Entrepreneur -Budget Analyst -Marketing Manager
-Executive Assistant -Training and Development Specialist
Specific wages of business administration managers may vary greatly depending on the industry they work in, their specialty and the geographical area in which the business is located.
Median Salaries 2010:

Sales Management - $101,640

Finance Management - $103,910

Human Resources Management - $99,180

Hospitality Management - $46,880

Health Care Administration - $84,270

Marketing Management - $116, 010
About 44 percent of business management majors were female, compared to 45 percent for all business majors.
Median earnings in management for females was $50,000 per year, compared with the median annual income of $64,000 earned by males, a difference of $14,000.
This compares to the median of $50,000 earned by females in business and the $66,000 earned by males.
About 20 percent of business management undergraduates continued on with a master’s degree, which provided a 35 percent increase in salaries. This meant that median earnings reached $78,300 per year in 2011. The 25th percentile received $54,000 per year and the 75th percentile earned $114,750 per year.

Females earned a median of $67,500 per year, while males received $86,400. Contrast this with the 21 percent of business major undergraduates going for their advanced degrees. They received a 40-percent earnings boost at a median of $84,000 per year.
The Future is Here
Be your own Boss..
we've all started our first step into management and we dont even realize it
The next step begins here...
This is the room you want to control !! Right?
Well how do you plan on getting there?!

joining the business, management and administration field can be a difficult. Creating and perpetuating a successful business has always been a challenge. It demands a serious set of skills and abilities.The major components to being successful in this field are having serious management skills, unshakable knowledge & being able to work as a team. It is required for these positions that you have an Assertive Personality to be able to deal with what comes your way.
* Being able to communicate the business concepts both orally and in writing with employess(language appropritate)
* Demonstrating and understanding human relationships establishing behavior in terms of the concepts
* Skillfully knowing how to handle a dilemma and applying appropriate solutions relating to the ethics in the business as well as identifying issues and challenges.
* Executing basic legal concepts and preforming the basic calculations to demonstrate basic financial literacy.
* Working as an efficient team member and leader to develop goal and business plan.
* Be highly motivated, work harder than the average boss.
* Future focused, always think ahead & manage your income plan in advance
* Be curious always think of a way to improve the business and yourself
* Collaborate create relationship with team members and create opportunities that motivated everyone on staff.

Technology past & present

Business Analysis
"Even if there are different kinds of tasks and departments to be managed in a single office, the ranking of the managers in the company are roughly the same: assistant manager, manager, senior manager, and so on. With each progressing position, you can expect that the business management salary is also higher."
Future in Business with Technology
Technology will be
depended on for almost
everything in the future
of the career clusters for Business Management.
The Inevitable Forthcoming of Business
The future in Business is becoming a be a very broad area, as it touches every aspect of our lives and, like so many other areas, it is constantly evolving. As technology, world events, new regulations and other important developments happen the world of business reacts and adapts to new ideas and possibilities.
The New Golden Age in Business Management, Administration
Ranging from non-profit organizations, large and small corporations, and public administration agencies alike there will be a vast and rapid growth with in the next 10-15 years and with growth there will be dire need for more man power and the more staff there is the more opportunities there will be in Management, and Administration partically in Business.
Oh Shnaps we're outta time. sorry but we have to now return to the present.
Until next time my fellow time travelers
When Technology fails what will we depend on?
The more things change the more they remain the same"
Jean Baptiste
So, whats needed to control the "Oval Office"?
You definitely NEED a High School Diploma/GED
After High School, whats next?
Then comes COLLEGE !! YAYYY!!!
Business Management AAS-T
Associates in Arts Degree in Business Management
Certificate of Accomplishment(Entrepreneurship)
COA(Project Management)
These are just a starter !
Larry L Luing School of Business

Bachelors Degrees

Business Administraion
Fashion Markerting & Management
General Business
International Business
Business Administaration

Emphasis on creative problem solving, Team Building and Presentation.

Practical experience and related faculty monitered internships.

General Business
Understanding workings of a competitive business marketplace.

Hands on experience with technology used in businesses.

Exposure to the functions of an organization.
Gabelli School of Business

Commercial Capital
CEO Connections
Corporate Visits
This school makes sure students get one-on-one contact with major business players.
Everywhere to encounter business professionals to include Networking, Mentoring, Industry Advice and Classroom Instructions.
Gabelli classes, student organizations and other groups recently visited:

-J.P Morgan Chase
-The Federal Reserve Bank of NY
-The American Museum of Finance
Community Program Offering
Business Certificate Program
Undergraduate non-degree certificates | graduate certificates | professional certificates
Other programs offered by The Continuing and Professional Education Division include:

• HP12C/10bI I Financial Calculator Workshop (strongly recommended!)
• CFP® 6-Day Exam Review Program (strongly recommended)
• Certificate in Bookkeeping
• Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) Exam Prep
• Data Analysis Using Excel
• Forensic Accounting

To earn a Business Certificate, Students who wish to pursue a Business Certificate have the option of studying on campus or online.

Business Certificate Program

To earn the Business Certificate, students must complete four courses in the prescribed curriculum or a custom program decided upon with the help of an advisor with a B- or better in each course.

Courses available include:
•Introduction to Finance
•Introduction to Marketing
•Financial Accounting
•Managing Human Behavior in the Organization
•Independent Study

How do you train to do Management?!
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