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The dog of Pompeii

Due this Tuesday for English class

WilliamTheBaller22 shimelis

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of The dog of Pompeii

The Dog of Pompeii Hello everybody, My name is William and today i am going to present to you my short story project on
"The dog of Pompeii" MY Theme! Conflict CREDITS! Idea - A real friend helps you every step
of the way no matter what The main characters of the story " The dog of Pompeii" are both Tito and Bimbo. Of course there are a several other characters but they play the role of secondary characters. My Plot line 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 1.Intro In Pompeii, Italy around 79 AD there
was a boy named Tito and his best friend
Bimbo who is his dog. He and his dog were both homeless who sleep on the street. During this time, Tito is around 12-13 years of age but nobody knows for sure. It's one of those mystery that nobody knows but never cared about. 2.Initial incident Later on in the story they describe Tito as blind and Bimbo would always be Tito's eyes for him. Since they are homeless, everyday at dawn, noon and dusk Bimbo would go to the market and steal food. Always a risky job for Bimbo to do. Tito's favorites were raisin cakes. 3.Rising plot One day, Tito and Bimbo went for a walk through the Forum. The best part of town. He would smell the wonderful food being cooked for the feast later on. Today though was a strange day because he heard something he hasn't heard in a while before. The atmosphere felt different. He could hear people he has known before talking about Rumors of an earthquake. 4. Rising plot #2 He overheard some of the people he knew talking to other people about earthquakes. He heard tons and tons of people making up reasons to stop the earthquakes from happening. Then he heard a man out of town with a flat voice telling people, and i quote,
" Look to your temples. When the smoke tree above Vesuvius grows to the shape of an umbrella pine, look to your lives".

Was it a warning?
What did it mean ? 5. 6 Climax Tito and Bimbo fell asleep that night. The next morning Tito was woken with a jolt. He was being dragged by Bimbo! Bimbo was certainly trying to wake Tito up by dragging and pushing him. Why you ask? Well not only to find out that people started to evacuate and he then Tito realized the ground was shaking before him. #6. Peak of Climax An Earthquake had begun. He could see people screaming for there lives. Some people so scared of death they pray to the gods for death. Temples falling, trees collapsing, an unnatural blackness atmosphere, the Forum was splitting. While Tito was taking this all in, he knew he had to run. Bimbo kept pulling him towards somewhere but Tito did not know where. Then he realized Bimbo was taking him, far away from buildings falling and the heaving ground. Bimbo was taking him to "The Sea Gate" near the sea. 7. Falling Climax Tito and Bimbo ran towards the sea but the red-hot ashes burning his skin and the stinging vapors were finding a way into Tito's throat. Tito's felt he could not go on much longer and fell near a tree. Bimbo was doing his best to help Tito up, he licked and barked. Then suddenly when Tito did not answer so Bimbo bit his comrade. With a cry of pain Tito did get up. Bimbo was determined to get Tito to safety. 8. Falling Action While Tito ran to shore, boats were there waiting to get people to safety. Tito felt as if he was going to faint. Before Tito fell a man picked up Tito and carried him to the boats. While that happened Bimbo disappeared. Tito yelled and yelled for him but he was gone. The man put Tito in his boat and told the others that "the boy is freighted and starving" and that "he keeps calling for someone, poor boy is out of his mind". Tito kept wailing for Bimbo to come but he was long gone. He could never be comforted ever again. 9. Conclusion Eighteen hundred years later two scientists discover under seventy five feet of ash and debris a skeleton of a dog. Not only that but inside his mouth are small black pebbles which looked like raisins. The scientists guessed it was it was raisin cake. They both are shocked on why would a dog want a raisin cake while an earthquake is going on. Proof- From when Tito is hungry three times a day to guiding Tito to where he wants to go to even risking his life so Tito can save himself and to protect himself from the earthquake /volcano eruption. Bimbo did all this so Tito can live and be happy. Sadly all this costed Bimbo his life. Main Characters Tito Bimbo Point of view Tito is a courageous young man who's only friend is his dog bimbo. He was sadly blind and nobody knew much about him nether less his mom and dad. He has been in Pompeii since as long anyone can remember.(12 years).Ever since he has always been homeless. and has slept on the streets with bimbo He sounds pretty frail for a kid who is pretty wise full and kind. Bimbo is the most caring, loveable , smartest dog I have ever heard about.
He has been on Tito's side since they arrived in Pompeii. To help Tito, Bimbo would always leave at dusk, noon and dawn to steal food so he can feed Tito. Bimbo was Tito's nurse, father, mother, pillow and playmate. When ever Tito is asleep he would stand guard or keep one eye open while he is asleep to attack. Ever since Tito was blind Bimbo was his eyes . Prezi maker- William Shimelis Time it took to make- 6-7 hours Marker- Ms Black Thank you for taking your precious time and i hope you enjoyed my prezi on
"The dog of Pompeii"
Thank you, and
now I bid you all farewell Type- Summary - Bimbo would go under the category of being a "Round character". One hour he is a guard for Tito, the next he is stealing food for Tito, then he's nursing Tito back to health. Summary- type- Tito would go under the category of being a "Round character" because one part of the story he is worried about the earthquake, then he is hungry, then crying for the appearance of Bimbo The Conflict of the story is when the natural disasters happen. Luckily some but not all of the people survived. The people who didn't got buried seventy five feet under all the ash and debris. One main character in the story (Bimbo) died trying to protect his comrade and best friend Tito. The point of view in the story "The dog of Pompeii" to me is, Dramatic I say dramatic because we are basically viewing and hearing all of what is going on. Similar to a movie. We dont go into the thoughts/P.O.V of Bimbo or Tito. Also in the third paragraph, first sentence it says " Did I say bimbo never left his master?" and neither Bimbo or Tito is thinking that so it must be the narrator explaining the story to us. Images of important events in the story! This here is the founded skeleton of Bimbo who got buried under approximately 75 feet of ash and debris. He was founded eighteen hundred years after the defaecate in Pompeii, Italy. When they found Bimbo in his mouth were small black pebbles indicating raisins from raisin cake.
The destruction of Pompeii from both the earthquake displaying large amounts of wreckage/debris and the volcano sending out tons and tons of ash made Pompeii extinct for that matter. So many people died during the tragedy some though escaped using boats like Tito got carried by a man on to a boat to safety. This here is a picture of what the Forum of Pompeii looked like before the disaster happened. It is beautiful from my perspective. The temple of Jupiter, the cattle, the background of Mt Vesuvius. This is where Tito and Bimbo would go to at least once a day to either have a walk or to get food. This is also where they heard about the rumor of "the earthquake".
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