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A Visit to Grandma

By: William Melvin Kelley

Danielle Devera

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of A Visit to Grandma

By: William Melvin Kelley A Visit to Grandma Plot Mama: Characters Point of View The point of view is third person limited due to the story
showing only Chig's thoughts and emotions, but not being told
through his eyes Setting The story takes place south of Nashville, Tennessee at Mama's house Mood The mood of the story is tense Tone The tone is subdued Doctor Charles Dunford Literary Elements An issue cannot be resolved unless one is aware that an issue is present. Theme Direct characterization: fake teeth, very short, many wrinkles, white hair, brown eyes, thick glasses, tiny nose
round character:
motivations: explain her side; help GL; keep family together
dynamic character: begins as innocent and oblivious to problem; ends as aware and concerned Direct and indirect characterization: author tells us he is gentle and kind; his actions provide other traits
round character:
motivations: resolve issues with Mama; express his emotions
static character: bitter and resentful throughout Time doesn't solve problems.
south of Nashville, Tennessee
Dr. Charles Dunford
Chig (his son)
"Mama"- Eva Dunford
Charles is angry about something
at dinner table
Charles accuses his mother of favoritism
his mother now understands why Charles has not visit her
Mama claims she didn't know how he felt before
Charles says it is too late to apologize jealousy begins as child
leaves home to escape resentment
doesn't visit often
returns and still feels angry towards Mama
feelings have intensified Charles is angry with Mama
Mama never apologized because she didn't know there was anything to apologize for
Charles becomes more angry that Mama never addressed the issue
Mama claims she never realize how Charles felt
Misunderstanding about actions towards sons Charles leaves angry
still angry with Mama Resolution: rising action: Mama is still talking about GL and the horse
Charles does not talk during the conversation
when asked, he only responds with short answers Rising Action: Mama starts talking about a time when GL brought a horse home
they are at dinner table and eating Rising Action: they arrive at grandma's house
Chig and Mama get to know each other more
Mama reminds Chig of the times she took care of him when he was a child Conflict: Exposition: Rising Action: Charles decides to visit his mother
Charles never talks about his family
Chig gets suspicious foreshadowing:
in the begining, the author says he saw negative felings in the eyes of his father which was weird because his father always cared about people Falling Action Climax Juan: I enjoyed this story because it showed how anybody can problems with their families. Reviews/Opinions Stephanie: Danielle: I liked the story because it demonstrated the life of a normal family. It focused on the topic of favoritism, an issue that is present in many households. Danielle DeVera, Juan Lemus, Stephanie Sanchez flashback:
Mama talks about a horse and Gl.
this is flashback since it reminds Chig's fahter of why he is mad at his mother irony:
Charles thinks his mother payed more attention to Gl than him because Gl has lighter skin tone and better hair
at the end we can infer that charles's mother payed more attention to Gl because he was not fully developed and a slow learner symbolism:
Mama's house demonstrates a warm welcoming since she is is friendly and she believes in unity
the brother, Gl, symbolizes how things are not always what you think. i enjoyed this story because it proved to me that one should not always infer things about other people. Also, one should not keep hatred inside of one's self.
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