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Managing Knowledge in PCAARRD-DOST

No description

Marielle Javier

on 31 March 2013

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Transcript of Managing Knowledge in PCAARRD-DOST

Managing Knowledge in PCAARRD-DOST in
Los Baños, Laguna Marielle E. Javier Concept Analysis Technique (Ruggles and Holtshouse, 1999)
KM Technology Scheme (Rollet, 2003)
Success of KM Initiatives (Holsapple and Joshi, 1999) Conceptual Framework Results (continuation) The most commonly used KM tools are intranets (100%), portals and e-mails (90%), and blogs and instant messaging (80%) Simple Random Sampling
Sample Survey
Total of ten respondents
Descriptive Statistics Objectives: Results: Theoretical Framework Methodology The study aims to describe the current situation of KM in PCAARRD-DOST. Specifically, it aims to:

Find out if KM is performed in the individual, divisional, and management levels Determine the factors affecting the success or failure of KM initiatives Identify the most commonly used information and communication technology (ICT) techniques and tools in KM KM is practiced almost equally in the Individual (33%), Divisional (34%), and Management (33%) levels
Managerial (33%), resources (33%) and environment (34%) factors almost equally affect KM implementation THANK YOU! :) 1 2 3
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