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The Boxing Day tsunami - ocean floor earthquake

No description

Abhishek S

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of The Boxing Day tsunami - ocean floor earthquake

Boxing Day Tsunami - One of the worst tsunami in HISTORY The Tsunami of 2004 Before the event Disastrous events that occurred How it affected the people How the countries are recovering Before the Tsunami/Ocean earthquake on December 26 2004 there was 230000 to 280000 more people in the 14 countries altogether.

Before the tsunami hit many things were happening. The animals sensed the tsunami coming. India and Indonesia had an election. Alot of trading for spices, for example India had the one of the rarest and hottest peppers in the world! There was also a civil war in Sri Lanka. How it Started The tsunami started from a 9.1- 9.3 undersea earthquake in Indonesia. Right after the earthquake a tsunami appeared out the ocean. The cause was a tectonic plate break up under water. The tectonic plate break up occurred in the Indo-Australian plate at around 10:30 P.M in Canada. It is very rare to start a tsunami/earthquake that way. That Was About The Tsunami Of Boxing Day. Some Cool Facts 1. The tsunami caused the entire planet to vibrate about 1 centimeter!
2. It also triggered other earthquakes as far away as Alaska!
3. The energy released by the ocean earthquake was 26 megatons of TNT.
4. It is also equal to 1500 times more than the Hiroshima atomic bomb! Timeline Before 26 December - The animals sensed the tsunami coming. Nobody expected the tsunami
26 December - The day the tsunami happened
12:59 am (GMT) - A magnitude 9.1 - 9.3 earthquake occurs beneath the ocean. It shake more than 1000 buildings.
1:30 am (GMT) - The tsunami hits in an island in Indonesia leaving it all swamped.
2:30 am (GMT) -
Most of the coast in Sri Lanka is hit by the tsunami. Tourists and local people get swept off the beaches and carried to sea. Timeline continued... 3:00 a.m (GMT) - It hits India. In the past 2 hours about more than a quarter of million people have died.
7:00 a.m (GMT) - The tsunami travels jet speed and finally hits Africa.
2006 - 2011 - Most of the countries that got affected recovered It affected the people in many ways. There was loss of life, injuries, and separated people.
There was destruction of homes, the devastation of crops, no clean water supply, the disruption of power and the destruction of food. It also affected agriculture, business, tourism and the enviornment. Because of the tsunami alot of money was lost as well. Some think that the countries have fully recovered but that is not true. The countries are still recovering to this day. The whole world gave over 14 billion US$ in aid. In December 27th, countries all around the world came together to offer aid and technical support and the support was really fast. Money was gave to create new homes for the people with no place to live. Technical Support was given to get the power back up. The huge affect for the environment would take a long time to recover but money was given for environmental reasons as well. The countries are still recovering and it probably will take a few more years for everything to be back to normal. The End! By: Abhishek and Kishan About The Tsunami On December 26th, 2004, an earthquake in the Indian Ocean created a tsunami with waves up to 10-15 meters.
It released a huge amount of energy. It is equal to 1500 Hiroshima-type atomic bombs! The tsunami destroyed land in parts along the African Border. The tsunami is called in many ways, mostly the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, South Asian tsunami, Indonesian tsunami, and the Boxing Day tsunami (Because it happened in Boxing Day) It killed over 230,000 people in fourteen countries. The major ones are Indonesia, India, Thailand and Sri Lanka. The tsunami is the sixth most deadliest natural disaster in history. How it happened in seconds The tsunami hits Indonesia You could see the "Plate Breakup region in the Indo-Australian Plate Natural Disasters Force The tsunami had done alot to all the countries that got hit with disastrous events that took away many things such as homes, power, exc. One disastrous event is the earthquake in Indonesia. It took down many buildings and right after, it started the tsunami and hit an island swamping it completely. The second disaster is when it
hit Sri Lanka washing away tourists and residents. It
then hit India and finally in the east coast of Africa
destorying some islands completely. These events
lost lives up to 230000 people.
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