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After the Rain

No description

Marc Palado

on 24 June 2014

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Transcript of After the Rain

Bright is the air now
someone has hung diamonds in
the trees;
the crumpled leaves lie wetly furled
where the wind has hurled them
this is the time the oriole turns
anxious for its flimsy nest,
but still its throat is sweet
above the fluttering in its breast.
The pools that divided the lawn
in miniature padifields
are dwindled to a winding Milky Way,
and there, beneath the fig tree
heavy with fruit
the ripe figs bloat
like scarlet pincushions on the pond.
Even the fish flash a more silvery scale
in the luscent water.
Sensory Image
a detail that we clearly imagine through a writer's use of words that appeal to our senses - the sense of sight, hearing, smell, taste, or touch.
What are the effects of the rain on the following:
a. the leaves on the trees
b. the oriole
c. the lawn
d. the fruits of the fig trees
e. the fish in the pond
f. the school boy
Spelling Drill
After the Rain
by: Lee Tzu Pheng
To the broken gate down the road
a school boy comes
drenched to the skin
but with a gleam in his eye;
and whistling
not knowing why.
The moon is reflected on the luscent waters.
a. dark
b. clear
c. cloudy
d. bright

The leaves from the trees lie furled on the ground
a. neatly
b. upside down
c. flat
d. folded

The flimsy nest is poorly built using light materials.
a. easily broken
b. strong
c. delicate
d. rugged
He was so anxious about the scheduled auditions for the next day.
a. excited
b. nervous
c. insecure
d. calm
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