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How to use Sawtna as a forum when you have a valuable idea that you wish to get it implemented

huda kalache

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of Sawtna

You have an idea? feature enhacement new feature Wondering how to share it

new concept Sawtna is your place Access to swatna.bayt.com
Either log in or sign up (use bayt email id)

Now follow these simple steps to submit your idea:
1. Select from the list of forums on the right side

What is next? You need to take ownership of your idea:

Present your idea 2. In the search box at the top type in your idea title

6. Click on Suggest it! 3. Click on create new idea 4 Explain your idea further 5. Add votes if you want

3. Prepare a simple project outline to present to management
- Objective
- Benefits
- Time frame
- Supporters names
- Cost if any
1. Collect 5 votes 2. Gather your team

Committed to work on the implemtation Ready to spare time lead your idea into completion phase
You get to present it to Rabea & Akram so be ready to support your idea

If your idea is approved you are ready to proceed If not.. then good luck with next ideas If you are not registered yet..please do it now!

sawtna.bayt.com Do you have an idea? A good idea? Want to get it real? Check out this quick presentation to learn more
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