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What Is Computer Hardware Servicing?

No description

Arlene Villanueva

on 9 June 2015

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Transcript of What Is Computer Hardware Servicing?

What Is Computer Hardware Servicing?

Computer hardware servicing is a blanket term applied to the act of supporting and maintaining computer hardware. This includes diagnosing computer hardware issues, upgrading hardware on a computer and repairing computer hardware.

What are the career opportunities for graduates of Computer Hardware Servicing NC II in the Philippines?
Computer Service Technician
Technical Support Staff
Computer Repairman
Typical Responsibilities

1. Install PC hardware.
2. Install and update hardware drivers.
3. Diagnose computer hardware problems.
4. Maintain computer hardware.

A professional in charge of computer hardware maintenance must be able to perform the following tasks:
Computer service technicians may maintain personal computers and business networks, and the job frequently involves a mixture of software installation and hands-on electronic maintenance. Computing components are often reinstalled or replaced rather than repaired since this is often more cost-effective. Technicians deal with clients who may or may not possess basic computing skills, so patient customer service and effective problem solving are essential skills.
As a technical support/helpdesk employee, you’ll be monitoring and maintaining the computer systems and networks within an organisation in a technical support role. If there are any issues or changes required, such as forgotten passwords, viruses or email issues, you’ll be the first person employees will come to.

Tasks can include installing and configuring computer systems, diagnosing hardware/software faults and solving technical problems, either over the phone or face to face.
Computer repair technicians take malfunctioning computer hardware and software, then perform the necessary steps to diagnose and ensure the systems are returned to a usable state. Technicians also build and assemble personal computers and servers, and may set up local area networks of computers and other related devices.
Assistant Researcher
Responsibilities vary depending on the research project. Typically, research assistants develop software in support of a larger research project
a member of an academy that encourages interest and development in a particular subject
Assistant Computer Technician
Professionals in this field are often employed by computer software or hardware companies to assist customers with technical problems. Computer assistants may also work for a variety of businesses or large organizations managing technical services and providing in-house assistance to employees and clients experiencing computer troubles.
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