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An Alternative Fuel - White coal

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Dhaval Chandak

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of An Alternative Fuel - White coal

An Alternative Fuel
-White Coal Benefits Conclusion Two types of Biomass (white coal) The sources of energy in the world are very scare and they are also spreading the pollution but now there are so many options available to replace such pollution creator sources, which are renewable energy.

Solar energy, Bio-diesel, and Bio-Mass are such types of energies. In which the white coal (Bio-mass) is the one which is now a day replacing the lignite coal. European Govt. has already declared only use of White coal in Thermal power stations.

The use of bio-mass decrease the amount of CO2 emissions, thereby creating a sustainable industry that is friendly towards the environment. STEAM GENERATION COST USING DIFFERENT FUELS From the work done and Information collected by me I would conclude that the:

Biomass is a potential alternative to fossil fuels but it is not very viable.

Benefits of carbon credits are achieved through use of white coal.

There are better alternative energies which are now having none pollution.

These are the future resources of energy and they are pollution free and their use is going to be increased.

What is White Coal?
1. It is a coal substitute made from agriculture and forest waste.
2. This white coal can be efficiently used to replace coal and fire wood.
3. The fuel briquettes are converted from the agro waste to solid cylinder shape logs using very high mechanical pressure, without help of any chemical or binder. Presented By :-
Komal Maheshwari Abstract: Introduction Characteristics - Consistent quality
- No pollution as it does not emit any sulphur or phosphorous chemicals.
- High caloric value ranging between 3600 to 4200 Kcals.
- Low ash contents as compared to steam coal to hard coke.
- Moisture contents nil because white coal is totally dry.
- Cheaper rates as against other fuels such as coal and fire wood.
- Efficient fuel ideally sized 90 mm Dia and 6” and 12” length.
- 0.00% percentage of ash. 1)Wood Pellet
White coal are a type of wood fuel, generally made from compacted
sawdust or other wastes from saw milling and other wood products

Wood briquettes are a form of solid Bio fuel consisting of
compressed sawdust, often cylindrical in form with a diameter
of more than 25 millimeters. They range from 60 to 120 mm.
Compositionally they are like white coal, the main difference
being one of size Comparison of Lignite coal and white coal Thank you
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