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The Use of Calculus in Computer Science/Programming

By Amber Barnett Presenting L.J. Barnett

Amber Barnett

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of The Use of Calculus in Computer Science/Programming

Uses of Calculus in Computer Science/Programming By Amber Barnett Presenting the information from L.J. Barnett Graphing and Visuals Applications to Solve Problems Code Binary Graphs and Visuals They use calculus in creating visuals or graphs Often the graphs/visuals are 3D. They are used often for video games, especially physics engines. Physics engines define the physics in the game such as gravity, friction, etc. The military uses these visuals for simulations, flight and artillery paths, maps, satellite images, etc. Architects use them for graphing buildings, outlines, etc. Applications to Solve Problems They use calculus for general problem solving applications, simulations, and physics engines. For example, they create programs to solve integrals and derivatives. In fact, those now used on the calculator were first simple computer programs. Code In applications for solving problems, the basic formula is generally used as well. The very simple outline of a code is: Class integral (){
Import java.util.Scanner;
Scanner reader = new Scanner(System.in)j
string equation = retrieveInfo();//retrieve the equation and store it in a string
System.out.println(“Please enter the value for x”);
double xVal = reader.nextInt();
double solution = solve(equation,xVal);
System.out.println(“The value for your definite integral is ” + solution);
} The computer is used to solve these calculus problems rather than the programmer using it themselves. Binary Not a well discussed topic outside of computers, binary was invented about 1694 by Leibnitz. It is a number system comprised of only ones and zeros that the computer uses to follow instructions and save data. It is a base two system that is based off of the normal base ten system. Think of it like this: 10^0 power times the ones place column added to 10^1 multiplied by the tens column, and so on is the normal system. For example, 783 equals (10^0 x 3) + (10^1 x 8) + (10^2 x 7). Or 3+80+700. Well, binary works similarly but based on 2. Typically used in 8, 0100 0110=70. It works by 2^1 + 2^2 + 2^6, or 2 + 4 + 64. Basically in a nut shell, this area of work requires a good knowledge of exponents. 5 General Areas of Use The simulations they use calculate probabilty. Physics engines create realistic situations in
video games and probablity simulations. -For a derivative application, the
derivative formula is incorporated.
-For an integral application, the integral
set up is used.
-For probablity applications, the
probabilty formulas are used. Another code used is called hexadecimal. It works like binary, but is based on 16. It's used for memory
addressing as 2 is based
on storage. Information processing Information Processing Computer programmers use this in
creating statistic solvers, probabilty,
and simulations. It is used in the whole
processing information part.
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