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The 1975

No description

anna cervantes

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of The 1975

The 1975
Formation of the band
The band was first establish by Matt Healy.
The band was completely formed when the members were 13-14 years of age.Daniel was the last member to get recruited to play the drums.
Initially the 1975 were trying to get singed by a record label for 7 years but were rejected numerous times. according to the band they were denied from a opportunity because their music was set to be inappropriate for the radio. (Starpluse)
Lyric inspiration
Lead singer Matt Healy confesses in multiple interviews without shame that most 95% of his songs are about lust. Matt states that his music revolve around "the craving of the other sex".
Essentially, Matts music comes from personal experience, thoughts, and feelings.
Matt's personality is also reflected in his music since his free spirited and passionate person take part in hi music. Matt mentions that his lyrics represents everything he is, he says "it's literally everything i am".
The 1975 talent and fame has led them to amazing opportunities such as collaborating with extremely talented bands like The Neighborhood, The Arctic Monkeys, Bastille, and the Kooks producer. (Vagrant)

The 1975
and the Neighborhood

Beat Inspiration
The bands musical style according to the band is composed of different Genres.
Some of the bands famous American influences go from Matt's idol Michel Jackson to Daniel's favorite, Christina Aguilera.
As well their diverse musical style composed of 80's alternative rock , pop, and R&B are reflected in their music.
The 1975 rich and unique beat contains electro-pop, electronic music, guitar pop, and R&B.
Birth place
The band members were born in England in the city of Wilmslow and Bollington- Manchester.(On America)
Start of their career
Matt became introduce to the music industry by his fathers friend who was in a rock and roll band in the UK.(Startpluse)
The 1975 recently collaborated with the Neighborhood. According to a interview between lead singer Matt Healy from the 1975 and lead singer Jesse from the Neighborhood (future hubs to be) communicate that they hold a strong bond/relationship since they have become each others favorite band.(Vagrant)

The 1975 rejected an invitation to perform with mainstream hip hop singer Rihanna, in order to attend to the Neighborhood to perform as their opening act.
They also didn't wanted to get involve with the mainstream industry yet, since they wanted to do their own thing first.(On America)
The 1975 is currently one of the best bands in the UK. The 1975 ranked top three bands, competing with Bastille and One direction(boo). Essentially the 1975 has become a big hit in a short amount of time. Their songs are constantly played on the radio and are ranked number one.
(On America)
The 1975 Success
Interesting facts
The 1975 started as a underground band but are slowly transforming into a mainstream band. (on America)
The 1975 have been question by critics who have judge them for taking their fame for grated since they stated that they make music for themselves and if people like their "stuff" than that's awesome. they have also been judge for getting high before performing.(Brittle)
Musical growth
Image of the 1975

The band was together for 8 years before they got signed by a record label.
In 2012 the band hit fame with their first released album. In short time the band started getting well known in 2013 by the UK.
Currently the band has manage to obtain more popularity by touring all over the world. (On America)
*The 1975 states in the interview that they "really enjoy working
with" the Neighborhood. They also establish that "it's awesome
to work with each other" since they have similar mind set. (YouTube)
*They also both agree that they have very
similar personalities and taste in music;
since they both conduct their music videos in black
and white. They classified themselves as a mysterious,
dark band.

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My topic is on

I decided to do research on this band because not a lot of people know a about their existence. I also enjoy their music and value their free spirited
personality. Additionally, I picked them
because I like their diverse style of
music, since is really original and
because they remain me of
The Neighborhood.
*Genre: English alternative/indie rock
and pop band

*A 4 member band composed of
(vocals and guitar),
Adam Hann

George Daniel

*Recoding companies Vagrant Records,
Interscope Records, Polydor Records, and
Dirty Hit.

*The 1975 has been active since
2004 to present time
The 1975 is currently changing
the music industry since they have
interesting lyrics that an audience
can relate to they also have a diverse music styles that they have manage to bring together to make a unique sound.
Essentially the 1975 diverse style has
become their source of identity and
success since they create really
different covers of their original
song they could present to
different labels & different
audiences .(Vagrant)
The neighborhood
An american band that formed in 2011 but misteriously appeared in 2012 (MTV Artist).
*The band is formed by Jesse Rutherford, Jeremy
Freedman, Zach Abels, Mikey Margott, Brandon Fried.
*Their genre is mainly composed of indie rock,
R&B, and hip hop. (MTV)
The Neighbourhood Bio | The Neighbourhood Career.
(n.d.). <i>MTV Artists</i>. Retrieved May 27, 2014,
from http://www.mtv.com/ artists/the-
Band's addiction problems
some of the band have an addiction
to drugs such as cocaine and minor drugs like weed. (The Biography)
The band are basically family theirs a
bro-romance between them four.
(On America)
*Am going to start by
introducing the band and why i
decide to do my project on them.
*Then i will talk about the bands genre, band members, and record labels.
*After i will explain the bands biography and how they first formed the band.
*Additionally, i will explain i will talk about the the bands lyric and beat inspiration.
*Essentially,I will talk about the bands collaborations.
*Then i will introduce the Neighborhood.
*I will end by communicating interesting
facts, bands fame, and growth.
Chocolate= drugs
talks about how drugs at one point become addicting and impossible to stop consuming."were never gonna quit it no"
Getting out of their bad boy style. "I think about what to do... guns hidden under are pantyhose"
Saying how one could stop addition when they stop smoking. "she said you're never gonna quit
it if you don't stop smoking it"
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