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Tiger woods

No description

joshua vargas

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Tiger woods

How did he start playing golf?
Tiger Woods started playing golf since he could walk. His dad set up a miniature driving range in his garage. When Woods was nine month he was imitating his dad swing and Woods did it so perfectly that the ball went flying. At the age of three Woods putted against comedian Bob Hope. He also appeared in Golf Digest at age five
Career achievements
When I think about sports golf pops up in my head. When I am thinking about golf it makes me think about my favorite player Tiger Woods. Mostly what I am interested in him is how did he start playing golf and his education? Also what career achievements did he win and did race play a factor in this sport? My last one is his endorsements?
His education
He graduated from Western High School at eighteen and was voted "Most Likely to Succeed " by his class. He attended Stanford University where he played golf. He majored in economics and his nickname was Urkel. He left college after two years and turned professional.
Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods putting against Bob Hope at three years old
Tiger Woods high school yearbook picture.
Tiger Woods winning the Masters tournament.
The Augusta National Tournament founder one said," As long as I'm alive golfers will be white, and caddies will be black.
The Augusta National golf club
did not accept its first African American member until 1990.
Woods has successfully gained the respect and attention of the predominantly white sport.
African Americans as caddies at the Augusta National Golf Club before they were allowed to play golf.
* PGA Tour wins - 79
* European Tour wins - 40
* Japan Golf Tour wins - 2
* Asian Tour wins - 1
* PGA Tour of Australasia - 1
* Other Professional wins - 15
* Amateur wins - 21
At twenty-one he was the youngest person to win the Masters Tournament.
Did race play
a factor in this sport?
* Gillette
* TAG Heuer
* Gatorade
* General Motors
* AT&T
* Accenture
* Nike
* Electronic Arts
Tiger is the world's first athlete to earn over a billion dollars in his career. He is considered to be the 2nd richest African American. Oprah Winfrey is the first.
Tiger Woods First Nike Commercial
What you have learned in this prezi is how Tiger Woods started playing golf, his education and his career achievements. Also did race play a factor in his sport and his endorsements. I hope you enjoyed my prezi and learned new things about Tiger Woods.
* "Tiger Woods." Notable Sports Figures. Ed.Dana R.Barnes. Detroit: Gale 2014. Biography in context. Web.30 Apr.2014.
* "Tiger Woods."Encyclopedia of World Biography.Vol.18.Detroit: Gale,1998. Biography in context. Web.24 Apr.2014.
* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiger_Woods
By Joshua
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