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What plants??

No description

Nour AlAkhras

on 1 January 2011

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Transcript of What plants??

Farmers can conserve the soil by:
Crop rotation
strip cropping
contour plowing
wind breaks
inter cropping How can Farmers Save the Soil?? What is Crop rotation: change the kind of crop from year to year. this method helps the soil rich nutriets. so farmers do not need to add fertilizers. What is terracing: if the land is steep the area
is devided into levels like stairs
this mkes water move slower
and protects the soil. strip cropping: plant lines(strips) of grass between
strips of crop. the roots of grass will hold
the soil and water. Contour Plowing: Contour plowing is: when farmers
live on hill rain or
water can run down fast so
farmers planttheir crops in
curves so the waterwill go down
slower. Wind breaks: Windbreaks are walls eigther out of
bushes or out of bricks
they block the wind from being
blown away by the wind. intercropping: to plant different crops next to each other
this method keeps insects away from crops, farmers wont need to use fertilizers By: Nour AlAkhras
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