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Melissa Marr

Author Presentation

Ashley Currie

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Melissa Marr

Melissa Marr By: Ashley Currie Basic Info Born in 1974 in the United States Writes young adult fantasy novels & stories Writes novels, poems and short stories Wicked Lovely (2007)
Ink Exchange (2008)
Fragile Eternity (2009)
Radiant Shadows (2010)
Darkest Mercy (2011)
Wicked Lovely Series Wicked Lovely Graphic Novels Desert Tales Volume 1: Sanctuary (2009)
Volume 2: Challenge (2010)
Volume 3: Untitled (2011)
Other Works Has contributed poems and short stories to: Analysis Risking everything for something you believe in. Simple yet descriptiove language. "Her finger wrapped around the Winter Queen's staff. It was a plain thing, worn as if countless hands had clenched the wood" Great character development in just 2 pages. "Then she was alone -with only a wolf for companionship -waiting to tell the next girl what a folly it was to love him, to trust him." Discussion Questions Can you think of a time when you wanted something so badly you would sacrifice almost anything for it? Do you find the prologue to be effective at enticing you to read the rest of the novel? The End Music is very large part of her writing process Loves to travel & move her family around the united states
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