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Music Genres (Rose, Nich, Joseph)

No description

Rose Wu

on 9 November 2011

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Transcript of Music Genres (Rose, Nich, Joseph)

Genres Music Nich Paibulsirijit Rose Wu And...Joseph Park Pop Classical
Techno Baroque folk Romantic 21st Century Renaissance Medieval Swing Continental jazz Smooth jazz Bossa Nova Orchestral jazz Christmas Carols Love Song Kpop Super Junior
Mr.Simple Techno & Kpop freestyle rap Legend Genre Sub-Genre Indie Pop Connection/
Cross overs Connecting
Genres Connecting
Sub-Genres Techno is a music genre referring to dance and electronic music. It uses mixed melody and a lot of drums creating loud bass. Techno also uses lot of studio effects making the unique and recognizable "techno" music. Artists called producers would create techno music by combining different beats, and sounds. Using his/her’s studio, the producer would combine all those things together, creating techno music.

Jpop Modern Pop Rap SynthPop
Rap Metal Rap Core Gangsta Rap Bruno Mars
Just The Way You Are Video TechStep Tech House Classical music is the music produced in traditions of Western secular music, covering a big period, from roughly the 11th century to present times. The centre of this tradition was between 1550 and 1900, which is known as the common practice period.
The term "classical music" did not appear until the early 19th century, in an attempt to emphasize the period from Johann Sebastian Bach to Beethoven as a golden age. The earliest reference to "classical music" recorded by the Oxford English Dictionary is from about 1836. Trance Pink Panther Theme Technologic Hardcore Techno R & B Sojia Boy: Crank dat 21st Century Orchestra Eurodance Best Baroque Music Pop is usually short simple songs made to
entertain a youth audience. Pop music consists
of short simple songs to create new variations
and themes of popular styles. The genre pop was
influenced by many styles of popular music. Pop
particularly similar to rock and roll and other
types of rock.
(techstep) Nyan Cat

Smooth Jazz Nicki Minaj

Super Bass Felt So Right
by:Sarah Geronimo SNSD
Day by Day
(Haru Haru) Vocaloid
(Hastune Miku, Akita Neru,Kasane Teto

Triple Baka Rap is fast-spoken, rhyming, rhythmic music developed centuries ago in Africa. What is unique about rap music is that it could just use lyrics and beats without actually using the “music” (known as accompaniment). Rap is commonly featured in Hip hop, reggae music, and even alternative rock. In which case, would have a rap section or part. "Undead" Latin Bossa Nova Deadline Techno King and Queen Pirupa Pigi:
Sweet Devil Bibliography Jazz Comtemporary R&B Smooth Jazz Rap Rock Rhythm and blues, often abbreviated as R&B, is a genre of popular African American music that originated in the 1940s. The term was used by record companies to describe recordings marketed to urban African Americans.
The term has had a number of shifts in meaning. From the early 1950s, the term rhythm and blues was frequently applied to blues records. Starting in the 1950s, after this style of music contributed to the development of rock and roll, the term "R&B" became used to refer to music styles that developed from incorporated electric blues, as well as gospel and soul music. By the 1970s, rhythm and blues was used as a term for soul and funk. In the 1980s, a newer style of R&B developed, becoming known as Contemporary R&B.
Jazz is a musical style that originated at the beginning of the 20th century in African American communities in the Southern United States. It was born out of African and European music traditions. From its early development until the present, jazz has incorporated music from 19th and 20th century American popular music. Its West African tradition is evident in its use of blue notes, improvisation, polyrhythms, syncopation, and the swing style. New Orleans R & B Boogie Woogie SNSD
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Beyoncé Single ladies put a ring on it Cavan:

Boogie Woogie R & B style Soul Music Classical music started in
500 CE Did You Know That Cool Fact Did You Know That R & B was first know as Race Music until it was changed By Rose Wu That's Our Project!
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Super Junior SNSD
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