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Racing In the Rain by Garth Stien

Language Arts Project

Michaela Crego

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Racing In the Rain by Garth Stien

Racing In The Rain by Garth Stein
In the book Racing In The Rain a man named Denny and his dog, Enzo, face many obstacles in life always sticking together. Enzo is not just a normal everyday dog because he has a mind of his own. Enzo was born on a small farm with Hip Dysplasia. Even though he had problems with his hips, he was adopted by a loving person, Denny. Although Enzo can't talk he creates a strong relationship with Denny through racing. Enzo is truly a man's best friend.
After being diagnosed, the doctors told Eve she had 8-9 months to live. Eve was sent home from the hospital to live with her parents. Eve's parents think it's best for Zoë to live with them to be with her mom before she dies. Denny and Enzo frequently visited Zoë and Eve to support them even when he wasn't living with them. After a quick 8 months, Eve dies the night after Denny and Enzo's last visit.
Falling Action
After keeping Zoë while Eve was sick, the grandparents, Maxwell and Trish, think that it's best for them to have custody of Zoë. Denny doesn't think that it's best even though Eve supposedly requested Zoë stay with her parents. Maxwell and Trish didn't think he was fit to be a parent so they framed Denny for neglecting Zoë. Denny was arrested at work, and Zoë was sent to live with her grandparents. During all of this, Enzo's hip dysplasia starts slowing him down giving Denny more stress on himself. One day while crossing the street,
Enzo got hit by a truck. A few days later, Denny was
offered a job at Ferrari in Italy, but was forced to decline
because his charges had him stay in the state
The theme of the book is "Live everyday to the fullest as if it were your last".
The them is showcased plenty of times in the book as Denny, Eve, Enzo, and Zoë would always take everyday and make something out of it. Even if something bad happened the day before, Denny would take Enzo or Zoë out and try to just spend the time that he could with his two children. Denny is truly a strong man facing plenty of hard obstacles in life, but he keeps his head up because he knows there is going to be a brighter day.
Michaela & Thai
Rising Action
After Denny adopts Enzo, he soon meets and marries his wife, Eve. They have a daughter named Zoë, and Eve starts having health problems. Even though she had symptoms of being sick, she begged Denny to not take her to the hospital. Soon after, Eve, Denny, Zoë, and Enzo went to a lake and
Eve had a fatal fall, and cracked
her skull. Denny immediately took
Eve to the hospital, and Eve was
diagnosed with brain cancer.
After a copious amount of financial and hard decisions, Denny finally got custody of Zoë! Denny also accepted the job at Ferrari in Italy, but soon after Enzo passed away. Zoë and Denny moved to Italy, and Denny became a famous race car driver just like he dreamed of.
He would have never got there
without Eve, Zoë, and especially Enzo.
Eve is hit by a tragic sickness, but she refuses to go to the doctor. She believes that the doctors are not going to help because they might misdiagnose her and send her home.
Eve's symptoms consist of headaches, weakness, clumsiness, and sometimes dizziness. As explained before, Eve bumped her head
and went to the E.R.
That's when the whole family found out
she has a lethal brain tumor.

Denny struggles to decide if he should give up custody of Zoe or return to racing. He is extremely broke because he had to pay all of his lawyers, and he lost his job, but this didn't stop Denny! He went through so much trouble to get his daughter back, and it was so tempting to just give up. Enzo didn't allow that, and he wanted Denny to know. Denny realized what he was doing, and didn't give up on the fight for Zoë.
Dynamic Character
In this book, the dynamic character is Denny Swift. Denny was given so many obstacles in life, and successfully passed them all. Even after getting custody of Zoë, Denny didn't get mad when he realized Enzo was dying. He knew that Enzo had completed his mission and life, and that it was time to let go of his best friend. It seemed as if Denny lived by the saying "Good things come out of bad situations", and obviously in this book, that is true. Denny is a strong man who survived his wife dying, almost losing custody of his daughter, and losing his best friend Enzo. Enzo was there for Denny the entire journey, and it was time to let go and be in a happier place.
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