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Quality Mark

No description

sophie crawley

on 31 May 2017

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Transcript of Quality Mark

For further information to help you and the ward leaders decide whether to participate, please read our information sheet below;


Quality Mark

Aims of the Quality Mark

To support wards to focus on delivery of good quality, essential care for older people.
To support and encourage wards to provide a standard of care that can minimise risks arising from ill-informed or under equipped approaches to the basic care needs of this group.
To quantify excellence and demonstrate consistent quality of care provided to vulnerable older patients. Detailed ward level reports of meaningful data report on a range of key aspects of care quality such as measures of patient, staff, ward leader, hospital management and governor experience.
What is the
Quality Mark?
The Quality Mark is a
ward based
voluntary quality improvement programme.
The scheme enables wards to highlight and promote excellent practice in elder care and dementia.
Participation demonstrates a continued commitment to maintaining and improving essential quality care to patients 65 and over, and facilitates the assessment and improvement of essential care for vulnerable older patients.
At a time where front line staff are under growing pressure to deliver more for less in a much challenged environment, the Quality Mark recognises
ward teams
for the care they provide to elder patients.
At the heart of the Quality Mark is a patient questionnaire collecting feedback directly from patients 65 and over on the ward about their experience of comfort, nutrition, help and support from staff, and privacy and dignity.
The Quality Mark also collects feedback from the ward team, management, and Governors producing an overall picture of care, and encouraging multidisciplinary reflection.
Wards receive a detailed local report that identifies areas of achievement and areas for improvement, enabling targeted action planning.
The Quality Mark process
The ward will receive a report highlighting areas of achievement and areas for action. The ward will then develop an action plan.
Quality Mark
Wards have the opportunity to complete stages again should they feel further improvements are required or Stage II scores do not meet AAC criteria.

All requirements needed to achieve the Quality Mark at Stage II can be viewed in this Assessment and Award process document;

Project Management guide
For Elder Friendly Hospital Wards
All Ward Managers are provided with a comprehensive Project Management Guide which details...
Data Collection
Who will we be collecting data from?
Governors and

Lead Consultant
A Lead Clinician evaluates the support provided by the hospital from the point of view of a member of the ward team.
Ward Manager..
The Ward Manager evaluates the support available and access to specialist clinical services for patients.
Report on the morale, leadership and teamwork on the ward.

Two members of staff also participate in structured observations of care interactions.
Patients and their carer/ family members report their experience of essential care on the ward
Hospital Governor's provide an external, independent view of the quality of the ward environment.

Senior managers of the hospital/trust provide evidence that the board has shown leadership with respect to the care of older people.
The Royal College of Psychiatrists Centre for Quality Improvement 2nd Floor
21 Prescot Street
E1 8BB
Patient comments from Spring 2016 cycle

“Food could be hotter at meal times. Care is excellent.”

“All staff and nurses/doctors have done everything they could for patients and visitors. Extremely welcoming and caring at all times of day and night - 100%.”

“The staff did their best. Just not enough of them to keep up with all that needs to be done for the less able patients. We do appreciate every effort and kindness given. Thank you.”
Comments from Ward Managers..

"Our patients feel valued and empowered to particapte in their care. Patients need to feel happy and that they are in safe hands and their views should be valued to ensure we provide a good standard of care. The Quality Mark has reaffirmed within the team to value and respect patient needs and focus on person centred care".

"We liked the whole team approach and that it was Multi-Disciplinary Team driven. The staff surveys told us how staff feel and we have been able to improve this".
Description of the Quality Mark tools:

key area
of focus of the tool
the questionnaires should be completed
should complete the questionnaire
of each questionnaire required
to complete
Data entry
To maximise patient, staff and governor participation, including template emails.
Project management guide
Project management guide
A detailed
And a comprehensive planning checklist to guide you through the lead up to data collection, the data collection period and post data collection.
Is your Ward Elder Friendly?

The Quality Mark for Elder-friendly Wards invites you to highlight and promote the excellent practice of elder care and dementia on your ward.

Social services
Access to patient mobility aids

(0)20 3701 2682
(0)20 3701 2683
The Quality Mark runs 2 data collection cycles a year;

To sign up and join the Quality Mark scheme, please complete our online joining form from our website;

A minimum of two wards per Trust MUST sign up together to enable completion of the observational module
Any questions or want to discuss the Quality Mark further with a member of the team?
A list of wards who have achieved the Quality Mark can be found here:


Celebrating achievements..
Example data from reports..

Click here for the full article..


Evidence indicates a 10% increase in staff attendance at training relevant to elder care.
Improvements in staff morale;
Highly significant improvements have been found between staff feedback at Stage I and II.
Quality Mark certificates on completion of each stage evidence to Commissioners, patients and the Care Quality Commission that elder patients needs are identified and met.
Promotes MDT working and learning.
Empowers patients, ward teams, management and governors to reflect on the overall picture of the quality of care on the ward.
Areas of action identified to facilitate ward leaders to develop and action plan,
Detailed ward level reports quantify excellence and demonstrate consistent quality of care provided to vulnerable older patients..
What are the benefits of participating?
Improving patients' and staff's experience of acute care
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