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summer school 2013 mrs stewart

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sophia s

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of summer school 2013 mrs stewart

Survival Guidelines
How to make drinking water
-Dig a hole put half a coconut shell in the hole
-Put a big leaf over the top of the hole put 1 rock on each side then a rock in the middle
-If raining you can just put a coconut shell out and collect water
-In a coconut shell you can get water put in over a fire then put a cloth over the shell ring out the cloth into another container
- Without water your body will dehydrate
- Your body is made up of 70% water
-Find a large branch and lean it to one side of the tree
-Then place smaller branches 45 degrees along the length of the long branch
-Cover with leaves and foliage
How to Make Fire
-Gather tinder branches of random sizes
-Put tinder in the center and put branches around
-Find soft wood put a groove in the base
- With a hard stick rubb it up and down the groove
-The tinder will start to smolder
- Blow on it
-Place the tinder on the pile of branches to help it grow
Finding food
-Best food source is fish are in shallow places
-You can use a fishing spear you should stand on rocks when you see a fish stab it
-Coconuts are a great source of food too you can also drink their water
- You can also eat clams, crabs, and kelp
- Rinse the crab in some sea water
- Boil some water in a coconut shell
- Put crab in boiling coconut shell
- It should take 8 min for a medium sized crab
- Crack open when done but be careful of the boiling juices inside
- Boil clams in coconut shell
- Put clams in allow to cook
-Pour out boiled water then pour in cold water
- Clam shells will open
- You can also just pry open shells and eat raw
- Without food your cells will start to die and your body will start eating itself inside out
- When you don't eat you become weak
Tool Making
-Take a long branch break it off put it in the fire to burn it
-Rub it on a stone to sharpen it
-Put it in the sea
-Keep repeating this
-You can also make a knife by finding some obsidian or other sharp rock
-Rub it against sandstone to make it sharper
-Attach that to a branch with sturdy plants or find bamboo and slide it into the hollow hole
First Aid
- If there is a cut put it in the seawater
- Coconut oil and Aloe are natural sunscreens
- Aloe Vera is a natural soother for burns, cuts, and is also full of liquids
- Headaches can be a major issue when you are in constant heat all day
- Drink water, eat, put a soaked cloth on your head
- Massage your head
- If you get a nose bleed drink water
- Take a saltwater soaked cloth and put it against your nose salt will disinfect it
- Without water you could get a headache or nausea
-Human body lasts 3 days without water
-It lasts 7 days without food
-Without shelter = sunburns
-Ideal body temp
-Make sure shelter is safe
-If cuts aren't clean they can get infected
- Having a headache can make you nauseous which can make you throw up
- Without shelter you could be attacked and killed by animals
- Tiger Sharks are the deadliest predator
- There was an aquatic ape theory that started on Cocos island
- There are cats, pigs, rats, and deer that were introduced by people
Angelfish, sardine, squirrel, fish, and sergeant major fish are edible.
There are barracudas, sting rays, and hammerhead sharks are abundant in the pacific ocean so when you go into the ocean be careful
-Water is vital for survival
- 72% of your body is water
- Children have a high metabolic rate their bodies use more water
- A child's kidneys do not conserve as much water as an adult
- The person feels cranky, tired or dizzy
- The urine is darker than usual
- The mouth and eyes are drier than usual
- Without food you will become tired
- You become weak, grumpy
- You can tell when you need to eat because you will get a feeling in your stomach and it will make noise
- Fire is used for cooking food
- When you don't cook food you get salmonella
- You can also get worms
- Worms make you poop a lot
- They are attaching themselves to the lining of your stomach and are eating it away
- Your body reacts by pooping and throwing up to try and get rid of them
- When you throw up and poop you get dehydrated
- You need more water when you are dehydrated
- Cocos island is usually around 76-85 degrees all day all night
- Shelter is to keep animals and bugs off
- Shelter is also for keeping you dry
- It will be comforting to be able to come "home" to something
- Without tools you can't drink, eat, or make a shelter
- Without those 3 essential things you can't survive
- Tool making is very important
- You have to make tools first without tools you can't have water at all
- The knife is the most important tool
- The spear is the second most important
- There are wild pigs on Cocos
- Pigs hunt in large packs
- Pigs kill and eat people
- There are also deer on Cocos
- Deer kill 130 people each year
- If an animal tries to eat you and you don't have a weapon you can die
- If you think you are being hunted by animals definitely look for tracks and scat
- Fire on a stick will scare animals away
- When you get a sunburn it hurts/burns
- If you get a really bad sunburn it can start to peel

-Never drink ocean water this will make you dehydrated and very sick
-To find fresh water you are going to need to find a stream/ river
-Drinking coconut water is always an option, but this will make you have to go to the bathroom a lot which is not good because some animals are attracted to number one and two.
-Make sure when having drinking water to not over or under hydrate
-If REALLY desperate for water you can drink your own pee by peeing in some form f a cup put mud in it and get the bottle to a hot 95 degrees then after that cool it down to a cool 60 degrees and to get it that hot put water over a fire
- If you are going to drink salt water put it over a fire in the sun so it can get to 95 degrees the wait a long time and you
have fresh water
-Make a tripod from branches
-Position branches around the tripod in a circle
-Make an area to enter then find big leaves to cover
-Tie the top with sturdy plants
Where To Get Water
By: Sophia, Garrett, Sean, and Abbey

First Aid
How to
Edible Fish
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