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Famous Person

No description

Christina Chen

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Famous Person

Maria Tallchief
Michelle Kwan

Michelle Kwan:
Life and Impact

Accomplishments in Ice Skating
Comparison and Contrast
Maria Tallchief
Osage tribe
Started both piano and ballet when she was 3
She married George Balanchine and divorced him after five years.
She married Elmourza Natirboff and divorced him in less than a year.
She married Henry Paschen and had her only daughter. He died in 2004.
She had many ballet instructors before she found a good one
She was given the nickname Wa-Xthe-Thomba which means "Women of Two Worlds" which symbolizes her life as a Native American and her life as a ballerina.
Visual Representation
All these photographs represent Kwan's work as a cultural affairs diplomat. She travels around the world talking to students of all ages about following their dreams and working hard toward them.

Some Basic Information:
Spread Balanchine's technique -married to Balanchine
Role model for young dancers
-she was a successful ballerina
Inspires young kids from different ethnic groups
-first Native American ballet dancer

George Balanchine
She married Balanchine in 1946.
Had a divorce five years later.
He cast her as the lead in his choreography

Native American

Spent her whole life on ballet

Help spread technique by teaching young dancers

More of a performer
Olympic single's figure skater.

Asian American

Cultural affairs diplomat, traveling around the world improving America's image.

More of a competitor (Olympics, World Championship, etc.)
Works Cited
Michelle Kwan: Ice Skater
Basic Information
Full name: Michelle WingShan Kwan
Born on July 7, 1980 (currently 33 years old.)
Born in Torrence, California.
Married to Clay Pell since January 2013
Began ice skating training when she was 8 years of age
Zodiac: Cancer
Won first skating competition at 6 years old.
Prima ballerina at NYC Ballet for 18 years
Born on January 24, 1925
Died on April 11, 2013
Mother was Scottish-Irish
Father was Native American
Born in Fairfax, Oklahoma
Grew up in LA
Younger sister named Marjorie
Also took ballet lessons
Became a professional but mostly in Europe
Her brother was kicked by a horse when he was younger and had brain damage so Tallchief's mother spent most of her time on Maria and Marjorie.
5, 8: Michelle Kwan at her wedding, her dress was designed by Vera Wang
2, 3, 6, 7: Kwan skating in World Championships.
4: Kwan bringing home silver for USA
1, 9: Kwan in public appearances for TV premieres
Visual Representation
1, 2, 4: Kwan talking to young student about following their dreams
3: Kwan being appointed a cultural affairs diplomat
5: Kwan speaking at ESPN's Women's Sports Summit
6: Kwan having dinner with former USA's and China's presidents

This picture shows the ballerina side of Maria Tallchief while the costume is Native American. This is from a ballet, Orpheus, which was choreographed by Balanchine.
Impact on Society
By: Christina Chen
& Michelle Yin

After she retired in 1965, she became an artistic director and taught.
She founded the Chicago City Ballet in 1980 and taught as an artistic director until 1987.
Impact on the World
Michelle Kwan and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice gave a press conference in November 2006 announcing Kwan's appointment as a diplomat of the US.
Works Cited
Michelle Kwan travels around the world delivering speeches and talking to students about putting in hard work can make their dreams happen. She has inspired many adults of the future with her speeches and continues to travel to this day.
She also inspires young athlete and scholars giving them the message of, "you're never too young to achieve something great."
Kwan not only travels to inspire but to also improve the US' image in other countries. " [Kwan] is devoting her good name and her patriotism to help further our nation's public diplomacy efforts." says Rice.
Maria Tallchief
Michelle Kwan
Represented USA in Olympics
1988 beings training with Derek James
1994 alternate for American team 1994 Winter Olympics
Finished 8th at World Championships 1994
James E. Sullivan Award 2001
14x Olympic Athlete of the Month (by US Olympic Committee)
Sole inductee of US Figure Skating Hall of Fame
Sole inductee of World Figure Skating Hall of Fame
Silver Medalist: 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics
Bronze Medalist 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympics

Kennedy Center Honors in 1996
Inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame in 1996
National Medal of the Arts in 1999
Performed art forms for entertainment.

World-class performers, both very well-known.

Both inspired young people to follow their dreams.
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