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Sign Messenger for Kinect Final Presentation

Sign Language interface for Kinect

Geoff Popple

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Sign Messenger for Kinect Final Presentation

A sign language interface for instant messaging Kinect for Sign Language Testing (User) Future Direction Links Daniel Martinez Capilla, University of Tennesee Translation (Sign to text) Teaching Sign Language Georgia College of Tech A Kinect interface that allows 2 signers from different dialects/languages to communicate with each other. The system would translate into local sign language. Users can be in different geographical locations. Sections of messages are recorded and sent. Testing (heuristic) Finger Recognition SigmaNIL sign language recognition using Kinect Method 1. Play the full Wizard of Oz video to the subject without sound or commentary 2. Play individual gestures from the video (2-3 secs per clip) to the tester. 3. Ask the tester what they thought the gesture represented. 4. Told the tester what it was and asked if they thought of a more intuitive gesture. Results 1. Where Standard Kinect gestures were used, they were recognised within the context. For example swipe to send a message, scrolling through lists and grab to select. 2. Confusion around raise hand to start a session. Too Similar to scroll up. 3. Need a separate gesture to call address book. From user testing From General Observation Better UI feedback in terms of colour use and confirmation of actions More a plugin than an application Remove unnecessary Gestures From heursitic testing Improve navigation around the functions Method 1. Compare to Nielsens Norman Group Ten Rule of Thumb Results By using typical gestures from the kinect design manual, navigation commands are familiar (real world link). Not necessarily the best guidelines to test gesture use. Only certain rules apply well Would expect to implement some sort of training mechanism for the gestures used. Not implemented in this simple prototype. Core design principal of app is based around easy to correct errors (delayed sending of messages)
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