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Mormons and freedom of religion in America

No description

Aliyah Jasmine

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Mormons and freedom of religion in America

Mormons were persecuted because they did not have the same beliefs of the majority of Americans. So they had to move from state to state. One of the states they started at was Missouri, but they were chased off to Utah.
Over time people started to accept Mormonism and other uncommon religions in America. They stopped mistreating the followers, and they stopped trying to chase them out of cities/states.
Mormons have a few beliefs that differ from the beliefs of Catholics. One of these beliefs are plural marriage. That is when a man would marry more than one woman. Just so you know, people no longer participate in plural marriages.
Mormons and freedom of religion in America
The starting of a new religion
In the early 1800's a man named Joseph Smith Jr. started a religion called Mormonism. Mormonism was like Catholicism, but Mormons (followers of Mormonism) had a few beliefs that differed from those of the Catholics.
Present day
Today there are still many Mormons, and they're no longer persecuted for their beliefs. Also most Mormons still live in Utah, and there are quite a few Mormon churches.
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