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eTwinning trip

No description

Anna Krzyzanowska

on 7 April 2018

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Transcript of eTwinning trip

Finally touched eTwinning island
Show eTwinners where you come from...

Under the common totem
Create a Tribe totem
Tribe legend
Tribe debate
Try to find the idea connecting all team members
What is a treasure-trove in eTwinning?
for Learning and Fun
eTwinning trip
Captain of the cruise
Anna Krzyżanowska
eTwinning ambassador
teachers ` trainer in ICT tools
kindergarten teacher
therapist of disabled children
Set up your Tribe
Tell us the legend of your tribe
connecting classrooms
learning together
along with involvement
Thank you for your attention and involvement!
Anna Krzyżanowska

Welcome aboard!
Golden rules on board
Everyone is equal on deck
No matter how experienced you are and what is your role at school
- while eTwinning trip
you are same important
Each idea can work a dream
Share your ideas with partners.
Even bizarre or crazy conceptions
can bring incredible outcomes.
Keep the project simple, if possible.
Otherwise both you and your students can become overworked or lose motivation for project activities.
Truly collaborate with others
Common result needs
each partner`s contribution.
input+input = awesome outcome
Remember that...
Nobody likes being a slave of others` ideas.
So decide and work together
from the very first to the last step.
Ready for adventures on eTwinning island?
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