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The Potato Famine

No description

Kira St John

on 1 June 2016

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Transcript of The Potato Famine


What is the potato
The potato famine in Ireland was when the crops had
a disease which spreads rapidly through the roots of
the potato. The Great Famine made over two million
people migrate and around two million died. Started in
1845 and ended in 1852.
People whom may
have migrated
Tailors to earn more money

Shopkeepers to sell more potatoes


To pull someone in is to make them feel as though they need to do it or they need to come. Another way to pull someone in is to grab their attention by
doing something that makes them feel like they need to do it.
Was the potato famine a push or pull?
The potatoes in Ireland were poisoned and people didn't want to eat them. There were millions of good, non-diseased potatoes in Australia.

People in Ireland didn't want to get poisoned so they moved to Australia.

Ireland pushed the 2 million people out and into Australia because the people want good, healthy and definitely yummy potatoes and food.
To push someone is to do something horrible to make them do what you want them to do. Another example is if something bad happens to themselves or if they are forced out of something
eg. if they've been robbed, if they're refugees, a war is taken place or if a natural disaster has occurred.
Was it push or pull?
The people who migrated to Australia from Ireland didn't want to get poisoned by the potatoes.
Did you get it right?
Kira St John
Morgan Lee
A migrant from Ireland to Australia, arrived in 1851 whilst the potato famine was ongoing. Born in 1811 at Moycullen near Galway Island. As his job in Ireland he worked as a farmer at the coast if Galway Bay. His wife and son died just before he left for Adelaide.
Music: Potato Song
Prezi Created by Kira St John
Special Thanks to:
Irish Potato famine
Morgan Lee
He spent about four months at sea traveling to Australia. With only seeing land twice on his journey he arrived in Adelaide with no food, hardly any money, no one he knew, no shelter and a knew land to discover. He was planning to go to Ballarat when he got to Adelaide but decided to stay in South Australia. Morgan worked as a farmer again in South Australia for two years but then chose to go to Ballarat to work in the goldfields. on December 3rd troopers and police came to attack the people in the goldfields over 30 men died, not including Morgan. He went on to become an influential investor for gold miming companies.
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