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Steve Alten

No description

lexi lee

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Steve Alten

Steve has gone to "University of Delaware, Pennsylvania State University, and Temple University.
Pennsylvania> Possible Movie! Start Steve Alten was born on
August 21, 1959 in,Philadelphia. 1. Meg: A novel of Deep Terror(1997)
2. Meg: Primal waters (2004)
3. Meg:Hell's Aquarium(2008) Other novels! In a 2008 interview ,producer Belle Avert, spoke about doing preliminary work on a film for
"The Loch." Steve Alten By; Lexi Lee Life!!!! His Education. Book's!!!! 1. Goliath (2002)
2. The shell game (2008)
3. Grim Reaper: End of days (2010) Meg Series!! Other book's
1. The Loch (2005)
2. The Trench (1999) 1. 2. 3. Other Jobs!! In 1995 Steve took a job in South Florida as a general manager of a wholesale meat company.
He did not like his job so he started to write.
He had read an article about the Mariana Trench
(The deepest trench in the world.) And he had thought of a story. Eight months later Steve had lost his job. Four days after that his book that he had been working so hard on had released . Meg: A Novel of deep Terror. Bantam-Doubleday had bought his book. After that his book had climbed to be number 17 on New York's Best Seller. Steve currently lives in Florida.
Steve has Parkinsons disease which
makes it hard for him to write but
he can still type.:) He loves to type
and he wants to keep going. What I like about his writing Steve Alten I feel is a very creative writer he puts the picture in your mind and keeps you entertained in what you are reading. He also describes everything in such detail. same different Jonah a Steve are
alike cause they
are both outgoing
and they follow
their heart. They are different
because Jonah has a fear about what comes up next and Steve doesn't worry
about the future. 1.
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