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Moodlic for Parents

Information and instructions for the parent use of ISB's Moodlic site.

Paul McKenzie

on 2 October 2013

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Transcript of Moodlic for Parents

Moodlic for Parents
So, what is this Moodlic?
And - where do parents fit in?
There are currently over 40 000 active Moodle sites being used by schools, universities, and institutions in 210 countries
Moodlic is ISB’s branding of Moodle, the increasingly popular online Learning Management System (LMS). Also known as Virtual Learning Environments (VLE’s), these platforms allow schools to combine learning objectives with the convenience, accessibility, and engagement we associate with the Internet.
The advantages of using LMS’s are wide and varied. Some of these advantages include: stimulating collaborative learning, increasing meaningful participation, augmenting learning with relevant and focused media, enabling students to co-construct knowledge, building a sense of community between the student, family, and school.
Although LMS’s can never replace the benefits of physical schools, they do augment learning by extending the learning space. In the event of a school closure, learning would shift to the Moodlic environment. After extensive teacher training we are confident Moodlic would be used to effectively minimize disruptions to student learning.
In the same way teachers and the school are reponsible
for creating effective learning environments, parents and
guardians would also be obliged to maintain expectations
and habits of learning at home.
Who else uses Moodle?
Why are online virtual learning environments so important in 21st Century education?
Click here for full screen
Press the escape key (esc) to exit full screen mode
On the front page of Moodlic,
you will find course cateogories.
How can we access Moodlic?
Click Login in the upper right
Explorer users will get this screen. Skip ahead to
"Firefox Users" if you use this internet browser.
Continue to the website - we actually DO recommend it.
Students enter here.
Parents enter here.
Guests don't actually enroll in courses, but they can view them.
Go ahead. You won't
get any homework.
Enrolment keys are case-sensitive.
Firefox Users - please
view the next three slides
Click here.
Click here
Click here...
and then here.
You can now see you are using
guest access in the upper right corner.
If you have received an enrolment key (password)
from your child's teacher, navigate to that course now.
Courses are organized into different
levels of categories. If we want to visit
Mr. Mello's Grade 11 Biology course,
we need only open grade 11 and then
HS Biology (HS/SL/HL) Grade 11.
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