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Macon, Inc

No description

Doris Lau

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Macon, Inc

Case study Introduction Problem Questions The biggest obstacle ....... Macon Inc. Internal competition existed
Line managers competing with the others
Projects delay
Poor quality of the product
No one is willing to take the responsibility
Customers lost the trust to the Company 1. Where will the greatest resistance for excellence in project
management come from?
2. What plan should be developed for achieving excellence in
project management?
3. How long will it take to achieve some degree of excellence?
4. Explain the potential risks to Macon if the customer's
experience with project management increases while Macon's
knowledge remains stagnant? Macon, Inc. Doris Lau Fifty year-old
Develop test equipment for the tire industry
Mechanical Engineering Department 1 Electrical Engineering Department 2 Engineering vice president Report to The Broken relationship between the line managers New Plans Someone has to take the responsibility A system that clearly states
1. who report to who
2. who respond to what Time management system Make sure the line manager monitor their project
No more delay Rebuild the relationships...... Regular meeting
Company retreat
Social events Additional person to report to...... who has both electrical and mechanical engineering background
work with the vice president for enhineering How long will it take...... Unfortunately Long time..................... The risk...... No more trust
Find another company
Bad reputation Profit Questions?
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