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No description

diego franco

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of DRAGONBALL Z

it begins with the creation of Raditz until the defeat of Vegeta.
CELL saga
four star sphere
majin buu saga
Frieza´s saga talks about when frieza is in
vegeta´s planet, he takes power of that,
Bardock tries to kill him, but frieza finish
killing bardock and destroying the planet.
also is very important the fact that when
kills krilin, goku turns to a super saiyan
for the first time. frieza also gets to his
complete form and dies with goku in
namekusein. also he destroyed a lot of
other planets.
The importance of the four star sphere is that when goku was a little kid, he get to the planet earth and he was living with his "grandfather". his grandfather who´s name is son gohan, gave to him the sphere in a way of a present, so that is a way of goku for remembering his granfather.
They are dispersed around the planet immediately after the wishes had already been fulfilled but they not turn into stone and can be used again when they are found.
ground dragon balls
Namek dragon balls
they are larger and heavier
also it gives to you 3 wishes
Is the first saga of dragon Ball z.
it goes from the first chapter until chapter 35.
it begins with goku and his son gohan in peace. Raditz kidnap gohan and goku got very angry. piccolo and goku go searching for Raditz and the had a battle with raditz. finally raditz is defeat, but piccolo with his Makankosappo almost kill goku and Raditz is kill but, before raditz's dead he tells goku about the other Saiyajins that were with him in a year would come. then, kamisama disappears the body of goku and carry it over a planet. goku had had problems with the way of the snail and he ask Enma Daioh to revive him. while that year goku trains and his friends Krilin, Yamcha, Tenshinhan, Chaoz and Yajirobe are going to train on the sacred temple. then vegeta and nappa destroy a complete city of humans, and then nappa plants six sids of Saibaman and then they had a battle and Yamcha is killin the battle with a saibaman. also, in the battle Tenshinhan, Chaoz and piccolo are kill. vegetta and goku fight and both of them recived many injuries and krilin did not kill vegetta, because goku want the revenge.
Enma Daioh
piccolo saving gohan
krilin vs vegetta
gohan and goku
black dragon balls
They scatter, after granting the wish , throughout the galaxy on the planet where they have been activated

Blow up the planet where he was awarded the desire if they are not collected within a maximum period of one year from the same

The stars are black instead of red

Its size is equal to the ground .
The Cell saga, also known as the android saga is the third dragon ball z saga. it begins months after garlic jr.´s defeat and exactly 1 year after the frieza´s defeat. Gohan, who was expecting his father´s return. Gohan was able to percieve Frieza´s Ki and also an even bigger Ki, who resulted to be Frieza´s Father, king cold. When Gohan, Krillin, vegeta and the rest of the guys thought to be done, a young dude with purple hair and a sword appeared and defeated frieza and king cold with a huge facility, and announced goku´s arrival in three hours. This young man´s identity was trunks, vegeta´s son who has came from 17 years in the future, announcing the sudden appear of 2 (actually 5) androids with a powerful far beyond from frieza´s who were supposed to take the world down to ashes and make of it a hell. with this information, goku, vegeta and their friends began a hard training to be prepared for the arrival of the androids 3 years into the future.
Dragon Ball games have always been around there, since the Famicom (Nes in America) to the PS4 AND XBOX ONE. Some of the most important would be: Dragon ball Shenron no nazo, which was the first one, and it also was released in America by the name "Dragon power", but all the dragon ball references were cut off;Dragon ball z super butouden trilogy os the Super famicom and the european super nintendo, these games never came to america, they had an european release; Dragon ball z buu yuu retsuden for the sega megadrive, this was the first dragon ball z game to came out on a sega console, it was a success, it had an european release; Dragon ball final bout, this game was the first dragon ball game to be ever released in america, and also it was very advanced because americans didn't got gt when this game came out, and this game is based on dragon ball gt; dragon ball z the legacy of goku, this was the first handheld game of dragon ball z and also made in America, this game had very negative reviews, but the sequel was so good, that it even had a japanese release; dragon ball z budokai saga, these games began with the standard dragon ball z 3d fighting games mechanic, one being better than the last one; dragon ball z budokai tekaichi 2 and 3, these two games were revolutionary and made dragon ball z games popular, because are (until this day) the most complete dragon ball z games to ever be released, dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 3 has over 150 playable characters, becoming the mostly well known dragon ball z game ever, and also the wii version has become a collector's piece; dragon ball z burst limit, is the first dragon ball z game of the ps3 and xbox 360, it also was the first game in full hd; dragon ball z ultimate tenkaichi, kinect and battle of z, these three games have something in common, are considered the worst of them all because of the repetitive action and the lame playability, it also has a little amount of playable characters; finally we have dragon ball xenoverse, which is the most recent, and it features a big online environment. there are some unknown games like dragon ball z anime maker for the apple pipin, or draon ball z, the plan to eradicate the saiyans for the ban dai playdia. there are a lot of dragon ball z games most of them being good, with some little exceptions.
In total, DraGON BALL z counts
with 14 movies, 2 TV specials and
3 OVas.
TV Specials:
-The original name was supposed to be dragon ball 2, but z sounded more original.
-Goku´s greatest fears are needles and Chi-Chi.
-The dragon fist is the only goku´s original technique.
-When gohan and goku entered the hyperbolic chamber, gohan had a nightmare with perfect cell, but he had never seen him.
-saiyans are born with a hair that can be never changed unless it is cut.
-The characters names mean food in japanese, for example:
-Freezer´s Family has names related to the cold.
-Krillin was incharge of delivering to master roshi all the porn magazines he has.
-Krillin Dies 5 times in the 3 series, but only two of them are in Dragon Ball Z.
-Ultimate Gohan is stronger than goku ssj3.
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