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Weiss--How do the three levels of government effect me?

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Megan Scalise

on 6 October 2017

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Transcript of Weiss--How do the three levels of government effect me?

How do the three levels of government affect me?
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
You are going to travel along this road and visit many different places. At these places, you will be able to find out how each level of government (local, state, and federal/national) could affect them! You will visit each place and take notes on what you find out! These notes will be written on the "How Does the Government Affect Me?" chart in your Google Classroom document.
Let's explore!
Our trip has ended!
We drive on the roads almost every day with our families! The government is in charge of keeping the roads safe for all of us.
Each level of government impacts our lives at school!

Local/City: Money is collected through taxes and given to the state government.

State: Takes the money from taxes and gives it to schools--enough for each student.

Federal/National: Sometimes the federal government will help fund special projects for schools!
Local/City: Think about what happens in the winter! What about the snow? The government is in charge of removing it, so we can drive safe.
How do you or your classmates get to school? Some of us take a bus.

State: Some roads are state roads. We see construction a lot in Michigan, don't we? The state is in charge of keeping our roads fixed.

Federal/National: Some roads are interstates--larger and faster roads that help us get further distances. The federal government is in charge of keeping those safe.
Local/City: Have you ever visited a public library? Each city that has a library is in charge of helping us find books!

State: Is there one library for the entire state of Michigan? Click next to find out...

Federal/National: There is actually a large library located in Washington D.C., our nation's capital! This is the federal library called the Library of Congress. Click next to see a picture...
Library of Michigan!
At all levels of government, police enforce the laws--which means that they make sure the laws are being followed by everyone!
Local/City: What city do you live in? Have you noticed there are police cars with your city name written on them? Each city has their own police department.
State: Michigan, and other states have state police officers that make sure the state roads are safe. They also work with city police.
Federal/National: Have you ever heard of the FBI? That stands for the "Federal Bureau of Investigation". They enforce the laws for the entire country! Can you imagine having that big of a job?
Do you ever go to parks with your friends or family? Sometimes it is nice to just spend time in the outdoors! Thankfully, all three levels of government help preserve and protect the parks we love to visit.
Local/City: There are smaller parks that are ran by our cities or communities. Do you have a favorite local park?
State: Have you ever been to a Michigan State Park? They are ran by the Michigan Department of Natural Resources. They are beautiful places to visit any time of year!
Federal/National: How about a visit to a National Park? Those are protected by the National Park Service of the Federal government! Michigan has one National Park, two National Lakeshores, and a few historic areas all protected by the National Park Service!
Sterling State Park in Monroe, Michigan
River Raisin National Battlefield Park in Monroe, Michigan
You've traveled and visited multiple places, and learned about many different ways the three levels of government affect our lives!

Make sure your chart is filled out with the notes you took on your journey! We are going to share what we have learned and ask any questions we have.
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