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The Stockholm Institute for Public Speaking

The StIPS provides training in public speaking, speech consultancy, moderation services and tailor-made prezi's for diplomatic training programs, corporate training and universities. Learn more at www.stips.se

Ruben Brunsveld

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of The Stockholm Institute for Public Speaking

''I gladly recommend StIPS when you want to
deliver a great speech for your audience!'' Annika Malhotra Project Manager Events Stockholm Visitor Broad, City of Stockholm ''I gladly recommend StIPS for anyone who wants
a fun and educational training in communication'' Robert Hårdh, CEO Civil Rights Defenders, Stockholm ''I warmly recommend StIPS. The one day course was
very instructive, interactive, creative and fun. It gave me ''hands on'' tools, immediately applicable'' Marie Ivarsson, Head of Section at Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications ''Ruben guided us through the different stages in a
very pleasant, efficient and knowledgeable way.
We will for sure use his skills again. I strongly
recommend his services'' Henrik von Arnold, Director Stockholm Visitors Board ''The event was fully booked and the participants
enjoyed the lecture. He shared his deep experience
with both humor and proficiency'' Marianne Dott, Sr. Project Leader International Trade Stockholm Chamber of Commerce ''Our students have greatly enjoyed Ruben's seminars
and he has gotten very good evaluations'' Pernilla Watson, Handelshögskolan CEMS Program Manager
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