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NYC Visit

Technology Department visit to Brooklyn Friends School and Packer Collegiate Institute, 2010

Michael Moulton

on 3 February 2011

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Transcript of NYC Visit

*Next Steps Planning
*teachers first
*tall Tuesdays
*vision=dignotebook+access Ed Issues
*change w/out mandates
*+grade, +freedom
*can check but little need
*"hands on", "hands off" Management Issues
*school help w/ school standard
*school standard=parity
*self help vs. full service
*4 year cycle
*school vs. family purchase
*financial aid where needed Working w/ Parents
*evening speakers
*low cost + aid
*insurance required
*expect laptops Next Steps
*Quaker colleges
*test devices
*student survey
*faculty conversations
*recommendation Working w/ Parents
*evening speakers
*low cost + aid
*insurance required
*expect laptops 1 student reported not having a computer at home 7 days/wk
over 70% have both laptops and desktops at home
90% have laptop access at home 2 reported not having Internet access at home with 2 on dial-up and the rest with highspeed connections
95% use a home computer for homework every night
1/2 with laptop (82) bring it to school, 1/2 don’t 70% of personal laptops brought to school are Macs (80% vs 20%)
80% of personal laptops brought to school every day
8% said they are able to use a school computer “when they need one”, 75% say “most of the time”, rest say “sometimes” or “not often” Why don't you bring your laptop? & Challenges of using own laptop? - theft ("we have kids that steal stuff in our school") and size/weight ("because my laptop is a bit old and larger. ")
Benefits of using own laptop - "Have access to all my work done @ home. Assurance that there is a computer available. Sometimes it is helpful in class."
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