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ECP Structure

No description

Cleopatra Supertramp

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of ECP Structure

Structure of the
Project Position Description:

May need Co-Chairs.
Good match with Strategy Director CHAIR (Director 1/10) Position Description: Digital Director 3/10 Position Description:
(ACT based) Government
Director 7/10 Position Description:
Ensuring our organisational culture is solid
With Chair and Strategy directly working towards and monitoring the vision Culture Director 9/10 Position Description: Treasurer 10/10 Position Description: Sponsorship and
Partnership Director 8/10 Position Description:
Coordination and leadership with State Managers
Expanding into NT and TAS
Supporting regional outreach States Director 6/10 Position Description:
Possible need for Co-Directorship Strategy Director 4/10 Position Description: MARCOMMS
DIRECTOR 2/10 Internal
Comms Marketing
material Media
outreach Position description:
Fliers Position includes:
Press releases External
Comms Position includes:
eNews Recruitment Position includes:
Google groups
ACYA email
Outreach recruitment mail outs Website Social
Media Video
Manager Corporates
Engagement Universities
Liaison Ambassadors
Coordinator Schools
Manager Engagement
Director 5/10 Position Description: NSW Manager SA Manager Tas Manager Vic Manager ACT Manager NT Manager WA Manager QLD Manager Schools
Officer State
Liaison Ambassador
Management Local
Officer Workshop
Development ACYPI ACYA Uni
Clubs Local
Council State
Government Federal
Government Grant
Manager Grant
and new
bids Workshop
content Community liaison Chinese
liaison Recruitment/
Volunteer Manager Position includes:
Managing volunteering-related issues
Entry and exit survey
References and accomplishments Social
Champions Video
Officer Rotating
curators Resourcing
State SOO's Links with NFP Advisory Board member. Links with Social Enterprise Advisory Board member? Links with Corporate Advisory Board Member Links with Government and Corporate Advisory Board Member Links with NFP Advisory Board Member and Volunteer manager Links with Government Advisory Board member Links with Government, Corporate Advisory Board member Links with Chinese Community Advisory Board Member Links with Social Enterprise, NFP, Corporate and Government Advisory Board Director Links with Advisory Board (all) and Advisory Board Chair Chair Schools
Advisor Advisory Board:
50% female
Culturally diverse
Age diverse Example:
Regional Director
State Minister of Education Youth Leadership Advisor Example:
Jan Owen AM - FYA
Anna Rose - AYCC Young Advisor Example: Youth leader
Young Australian achiever
Marita Cheng - Young Vic of the Year Corporate Advisor Eg:ACBC General Manager
Warwick Smith ANZ Chinese Community
Advisor Eg: Robert Kok CoS
Jieh-Yung Lo - Councillor Not-for-Profit Advisor Eg: Oaktree Foundation
A comparable org to us China Advisor Beijing-based
Cathryn Hlavka - Minister Counsellor
100K Strong
Project Pengyou Social Enterprise Advisor Benevolent Society
SVA Government Advisor ACARA
Trade Chinese Teacher Advisor Link us into CLTFA and state orgs To link us into Principals and help schools outreach To ensure we are developing our leaders well and making good partnerships To ensure we are including young voices in our planning To make linkages and to draw in funding To draw in funding and consult with local communities To build capacity within the ECP so we develop the project well To foster linkages in China with AusGov and ChinaGov To advise on how to be an epic social enterprise! To keep gov in the loop of what we do and support fundraising To make sure our programs are useful to Chinese teachers
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