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Miss Freckles Empathy Map

Template to create your empathy map - SAVE A COPY, then EDIT it

Ana Cortaire

on 8 October 2015

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Transcript of Miss Freckles Empathy Map

It took me
7 years
studying to find out what I want to be
When I had to chose
what to study, I tried to get information about what degrees or alternatives there were in the field I was interested in,

They told me there only were 2 options; sculpture in my town and graphic design a few miles away.

I decided to go to a University 100 miles away from my home.
After 7 years I got to know what I truly love and want to be,
theater´set designer

I have found now, there is a university in Madrid where you can take a entire degree on that... TOO LATE?
You don´t know the different trades
you need to work with a professional
who shares with you his way of working
who has a concern
about teaching
who listens to your ideas or contributions and wants to grow with you
An apprentice and master model can be very beneficial in my field
very poor conditions of work
the way that the apprentice roll is understood
(free labor for the dirty work)
without support
without recognition
without valuing the person
the only way to get a job is if you do it for free
There is not money for culture or arts in my country.

If you want to work, you can, but without income
I have worked with
extraordinary artists
that are not only working for free...
but also they are using their own equipment
I dont want to emigrate from my home

I dont speak other languages and I dont want to have to.
I love my home, my people, my culture, my country, the weather, the style of life...

I dont want to emigrate
I have been working for free during two years at a very professional output, regardless the horrible conditions and facilities.

People see my work and they offer me other opportunities
but ... of course...
for free!
If we work for free we devalue our own work...

but what should we do?
Find another career?

We have to fight for our place
in this society.
And I´m not abandoning!!!
To be somebody in this field, you need contacts, but... how do you find them?
I volunteer and present some works for grants and contests and so far it is working, but at a high price.
A photography school in Madrid organizes meetings for bright students, where they can meet other artists, curators and critics. They can have a private meeting with all of them where they can show them their dossiers and ideas during
10 minutes
How great would that be?
What if we had this encounters
with other artist in my same field but with different specialties?
My specialty is theater´set designer...
If I share my ideas with an expert on lightning, an actor, a scriptwriter
Maybe we can make something
GREAT!!! and then we just
need a producer!!!
I chose my degree without the necessary information about what specialties there are.

There should be assessors
with all that information,
not just a list of
the few options
in your own town.
The problem begins when you start studying
but not as it is understood in SPAIN
It´s our own fault
She showed me how she contacts other artists. She looks for them in the Internet, she studies their work and write a very personal email to them to see if they want to know her and her work.
nobody emailed her back
She really thinks
there isn´t a place for culture and art
in her country.
She thinks if you know nobody
you are nobody.
Nobody appreciates
She thinks it is
to get a paid work
in this field.
She thinks there is a big problem of lack of information and guidance when High School students enroll the University.
She thinks it should be easier
and more accessible
to talk to people,
create synergies
and learn from each other.
I think she is not as possitive and fighter as she thinks she is. she feels very sad about how things work in her field, and she feels she will never get a paid job.

she feels devaluated, she feels nobody really appreciate or value her work and efforts.
I was surprised there are so many specialized courses about the different specialties in Arts and no body told her!!!
I´m surprised how such a talented girl doesn´t have a place in my country.
I was very surprised about her statement about not emigrating, it is what I did, but I think she has a fair point when she says "I don´t want to , I love my country, and my art makes sense in my country".
She gave me an extraordinary idea with the meetings with current workers from all trades.
She has an excellent point when she talks about well informed assessors when you have to choose your degree or studies.
The young talented

make her work known and get the opportunity to meet professional artists
she is getting desperate nobody gives her a job opportunity
I was honored to interview
Miss Freckles
, a promising young artist.
She is 26 now and she studies arts since she was 18. She is passionate about her career, but she is sure she will never get a paid job in this field.
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