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Korean Culture Mosaic

How the Korean culture has affected the Canadian society

David Heeney

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Korean Culture Mosaic

Despite Buddhism
being the
most practiced
in Korea...
Social Imprint
Korean Music
Korean Food
Additional Imprint
Thank You
David, Paul, Amelia & Jesse
Cultural Mosaic 2013
Maps & graphs
Graph of some languages spoken in Canada
English, French, Korean
Building up new production coalition in the frame of reductive modernity
Search of diversity
Physical Imprint
Korean Restaurant In Canada
Korean Businesses in Toronto
Examples of Korean music,
Know your Name-Jay Park
The noys- Girls Generation
Types of Korean Music
Instrumental Classical
Pictures of Korean specialty stores/Foods
Architecture in
Buddhist temple in Mississauga
Major religions
back in Korea:
Many temples in Canada celebrate
Buddhas birthday.
Festivals are also held with meals,
dance, and music.
This graph represents how little the Korean language is spoken in Canada. The Korean language is spoken very little because most of them just speak chinese because that is what most people speak that are from the China area.
Religions of Canada's Koreans
Only 4% of
Korean Dancing
Traditional Korean game
Simple rules, just throw
the arrows in the pots.
Today We are going to listen to a song called Gangnam Style
I am sure all of you have heard it

Korean Ethnicity in the GTA
Knowing where Korean Ethnicity is in the GTA can be important data to Canadians because it is easier to find Korean restaurants, specialty stores such as a grocery stores, or to see Korean architecture.

Korea has made more affordable
imitations of very popular
clothing and fashion items.
Including Shoes, handbags,
jewelery, shirts, jeans and
more. Changing canadian
society, and the way canadians
shop today.
Korean clothing changed Canadian Society
Fake or Real? Can you tell the difference?
Korean clothing
This is a Korean Hanbok
used today on occasions
such as religious holidays and weddings.
Although there are many Korean traditional foods
today I have brought in rice cakes or 'tteok'.
It is made of sweet rice flour. It can be eaten as
an everyday snack but it is also known as a
celebratory food. They are commonly eaten on
birthdays, holidays and New Years Day.
Affects of Korean religion
Korean Immigration to Canada
Moving on...
Number of Immigrants
Despite Buddhism
being the
most practiced
religion in Korea
Examples of Traditional Korean Foods
Korean Fried Chicken
Bulgogi Rice Bowl
(Mixed Rice)
It is important to know that Koreans are immigrating to Canada because these
people are not only your neighbours, but also co-workers, friends and colleagues.
Canada is an extremely multicultural country and this makes it that much more
important to be aware of the different cultures around you today.
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