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The EPIC 80s

A great presentation that summarizes the 1980s

Ritz Gallardo

on 18 August 2013

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Transcript of The EPIC 80s

The EPIC 80s
Ft. Blesy, Marianne, Jizelle & Alex
80s TV
80s TV was really famous for TV shows like Baywatch, but the best shows were comedy sketch shows. A popular show would be Saturday Night Live. Another popular sketch show, called Fridays, was a parody of this. One of their sketches would go something like this...
The Epic Entertainment
TV wasn't the only form of entertainment! The 80s was also the decade of well-known "oldies".
Sci-Fi films still dominated the theaters but action/adventure movies started to gain popularity, although one top film was famous for not-so-innocent reasons.
The Hottest Tracks!
Like any decade, music is one of the most important aspects. The 80s was the great decade where Rock had some real competition: Pop
Notable Events!
Failed U.S. Rescue Attempt to Save Hostages in Tehran

John Lennon Assassinated

Mount St. Helens in Washington State erupts

Pac-Man Video Game Released

Rubik's Cube Becomes Popular

Ted Turner Establishes CNN
Assassination Attempt on the Pope

Assassination Attempt on U.S. President Reagan

First Woman Appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court

Millions Watch Royal Wedding on T.V.

New Plague Identified as AIDS
Cabbage Patch Kids Are Popular

Reagan Announces Defense Plan Called Star Wars

Sally Ride Becomes the First American Woman in Space

Soviets Shoot Down a Korean Airliner

U.S. Embassy in Beirut Bombed
Huge Poison Gas Leak in Bhopal, India

Indira Gandhi, India's Prime Minister, killed by Two Bodyguards

PG-13 Movie Rating Created
Famine in Ethiopia

Hole in the Ozone Layer Discovered

New Coke Hits the Market

Wreck of the Titanic Found
E.T. Movie Released

Falkland Islands Invaded by Argentina

King Henry VIII's ship the Mary Rose Raised After 437 Years

Michael Jackson Releases Thriller

Vietnam War Memorial Opened in Washington, DC

Olympics held in the USA
Challenger Space Shuttle Explodes

Chernobyl Nuclear Accident

Ferdinand Marcos Flees the Philippines

Iran-Contra Scandal Unfolds

U.S. Bombs Libya

U.S.S.R. Launches first Mir Space Station
DNA First Used to Convict Criminals

Klaus Barbie, the Nazi Butcher of Lyons, Sentenced to Life in Prison

New York Stock Exchange Suffers Huge Drop on "Black Monday"

West German Pilot Lands Unchallenged in Russia's Red Square
Pan Am Flight 103 Is Bombed Over Lockerbie

U.S. Shoots Down Iranian Airliner
Berlin Wall Falls

Exxon Valdez Spills Millions of Gallons of Oil on Coastline

Students Massacred in China's Tiananmen Square

U.S. President Bush Announces That He Doesn't Like Broccoli
Well I hate you too!!
George Bush Sr.
The 80s also had some of the cheesiest commercials known to man. Can you imagine having to watch through commercials like the ones below for hours?
Fads and Fashion
80s fashion can be described in three words: BOLD, BRIGHT, and BIG
Music artists such as Michael Jackson and Madonna have really influenced people's fashion choices
Neon colors were the height of style. Neon legwarmers, oversized sweaters and leggings were popular trends. Add an arm full of neon bangles and rubber bracelets, and lacy accessories.

Top Fashion Trends:

* Shoulder pads
* Mini skirts
* Huge earrings
* Fingerless gloves
* Parachute pants
* Members Only jackets
* Stretch-stirrup pants
Men's Clothing
Men adored the "preppy" look which originated from the 50's known as the "Ivy League Dress". It consisted of Button-down Oxford Shirts, Polos, Argyle Sweaters, Sweater Vests, Peg-Legged Jeans, Cuffed Khakis, Penny Loafers or Bright White Sneakers. They also wore Jumpsuits, Neon Adidas Track Suits, Wayfarers, Bell Bottoms, Trousers, Cardigans, Satin Shirts, Blazers, and Windbreakers.
The King and Queen of Pop
Michael Jackson & Madonna
Famous artists/bands
The 1980s was when the Information Age really started to kick off! Inventors have now invented the things we know today, or have used to know.
Here are a couple of the more awesome inventions of the 80s.
The CD-ROM and Apple Macintosh has been invented.
A CD-ROM within a CD-ROM player
Earliest Mac, complete with mouse, keyboard and an Apple CD reader
Not to be outdone, Microsoft released a new program they called Windows
Fuji introduced the disposable camera!
Digital cell phones invented!
RU-468 (aka the abortion pill) also invented
High definition TV invented!
History of Video Games
Pac-Man (1980)
Turbo (1981)
3D Monster Maze (1981)
Donkey Kong (1981)
Mario Bros (1983)
Duck Hunt (1984)
The Legend of Zelda (1986)
Metal Gear (1987)
Final Fantasy (1987)
Street Fighter (1987)
Prince of Persia (1989)
The 80s were also the innovative age of video games! All the games we know today either are or have come to be through the games created in the 80s.

Popular and noteworthy games include:
Men had very long hair in the 80's due to the influence of Heavy Metal music. Men also grew mustaches due to the influence of TV shows such as Magnum P.I
Women's Fashion
Women wore Short Tight Spandex Mini Skirts, Shoulder Pads popularized from the soap opera "Dynasty", Leg Warmers, Jelly Shoes, Fluffy Skirts, Huge Earrings, Banana clips, and Sweat Bands.
* Big messy curls
* Side pony tails
* Mullets
Fun Fact: Michael Jackson had his hair accidentally lit on fire while working on a Pepsi commercial!
* Aerosmith
* The doors
* Iron Maiden
* Duran Duran
* U2
* Def Leppard
* Skid Row
* Rolling Stones
* Journey
* Queen
* Van Halen
* Kiss
* Metallica
* Guns N Roses
* Megadeth
Famous bands:
Famous Artists
* Ozzy Osbourne
* Joan Jett
* Madonna
* Michael Jackson
* Jim Morrison
* Cyndi lauper
* Bob Marley
* Janet Jackson
* Lionel Richie
* Paul McCartney
* Paula Abdul
* Pink Floyd
* Prince
* Rod Stewart
* Stevie Wonder
* Whitney Houston
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