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Kids’ Fire Station

Website design & development project proposal

Cathy Yang

on 3 September 2012

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Transcript of Kids’ Fire Station

Website design & development project proposal Kids’ Fire Station Project concept Brief description Design concept Target audience Technology Jing YANG motives for doing this project
reading has influenced the project Look and Feel
Site Map The brief for this project is to create a fire safety education website for children, which is a not for profit project aiming at providing kids with safety and self-aid knowledge. Project description My plan was to make
a safety education website,
including all kinds of safety knowledge such as road safety, water safety, fire safety, etc.,
to enhance children’s safety awareness and teach them some important skills about how to protect themselves from hurting. fire safety

home fire safety This website will include
a home page and 4 main sections.

Home Fire Safety
Escaping from Fire
Game-Hazard House
Contact Us

The home page will be
a cartoon fire station
with a cute little “fireman”
standing near the door that
ready to help kids starting
their fire safety lessons. I hope this website could be an ideal safety education website
for both classroom learning and home learning

It can act as an assistant
for teachers and parents
to catch children‘s attention
by giving lessons in a vivid and lively way.
First thing I considered about Project concept Something useful or maybe helpful for a certain group of people. It is inevitable that if we want to design something original, beautiful and meaningful, we need to try out lots of ideas. I came out with 5 initial ideas and did some research related to each topic.

(Here I would like to say that there is a word I believe deeply, that is
“Not everyone can afford formal user research. But no one can afford to do without any research”.) Since I always care about children, I decided to do something helpful for them. I want to design and build a website that can help kids learn how to protect themselves. websites about children safety assistant functions
to attract kids and
help them read it more easily.
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