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Upendo Mmoja Prezi

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Ryan Clapper

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of Upendo Mmoja Prezi


Phase 1
Phase 2
The Opportunity
$6,000 to complete the first primary structure on the donated land of the Upendo Mmoja Residential and Vocational Center/kitchen/bathroom
$8,000 for the carpentry workshop, office space,
$4,000 to build the multi-stall barn
$3,500 to fund high school and University scholarships for area youth
$5,000 for updated tools, generator, start-up lumber supply
$3,500 for 1st year start-up costs (food, educational supplies, stipends, etc.)
Upendo Mmoja
Since 2011, The Upendo Group has worked hard to secure:
Local government support
Local leaders/teachers and youth involvement
A plot of land that’s been donated (up to 4.9 acres)
The need for a sustainable, community-driven initiative that addresses their multiple priorities and goals of raising healthy families and sending their children to school
Local resources to assist in the training and education of the group’s leaders and members
$26,000 raised to date

One Love
About Pommern ...
But in Eastern Africa, bordering the Indian Ocean...
Is a Country called Tanzania...
And in Tanzania is a small village called Pommern...
South-centrally located, within Kilolo District
outside of Iringa
Rural w/ limited transportation
Approx. 4,000 residents
No running water
Electricity widely unavailable
Limited access for youth to secondary school
Avg. annual income in Tanzania: 280 (USD)
Food staples: Ugali (corn), root vegetables, beans
Major Health issues: HIV/AIDS, malaria, malnutrition,
upper respiratory infection, diarrhea, alcoholism, diabetes, yellow fever

Extremely welcoming...
...and generous people.

Doni is 11 years old and lives alone with his grandmother in Pommerin. Doni’s father left his family, while his mother - who felt she couldn’t handle four children alone - left for the larger city and split the children up amongst different family members.

Doni elected to stay in Pommerin to help and take of his grandmother. A natural leader with a nurturing spirit, Doni also cares for his best friend, Willy, who happens to have a severe illness. However, Doni will not be able to truly pursue his dream of "helping people" without support and guidance. His school fees are beginning to become insurmountable given the challenges of no family income.

"We'll have a space to work - to build our businesses - and to also take care of and teach the children."

"The orphaned children will live there, and they will grow up learning skills they can use. They will learn responsibility, and someday work for themselves."
Remember Maria? ...
And this is Maria ...
You are...
This is Doni...
This is Willy...
Maria is 12 years old and comes from very humble beginnings.

Her mother, Mama Grace, is recently widowed after Maria's father committed suicide over his alcohol abuse and depression due to an inability to care for his family - an all-too common scenario in Pommern.

Mama Grace has struggled ever since to care for the household. But this has not dissuaded Maria from having big dreams for her own future. Here Maria sits with Nicole and tells of her favorite subjects and what she wants to be when she grows up. They use a Kiswahili/English dictionary because Maria speaks no English.

This interaction also plants a seed for Nicole...
as she makes a commitment to help Maria achieve her dreams and a vision is created for all of Pommern's youth...
Moriah Gavrish
BOD Secretary/PR Chair
BS/M.Arch, Norwich University
Architect, Dann Norris Batting in Chester, New Hampshire

John Szewczyk
BOD Treasurer/Co-Webmaster
BS, Norwich University
Production Design Engineer,
Husky Injection Molding, Vermont
Northfield Rotarian, D7850

Maria Mgova
Co-Founder & In-Country Coordinator/Asst. Treasurer
Business Administration Degree;
Tumaini University, Njombe, Tanzania
Rotaract Founder, Iringa, D9200

Nicole followed through on her promise to Maria, who is now 22 years old. Maria was given the opportunity to be the first in her family to attend college and recently graduated with a Business Administration degree. She is now fluent in English and has shown such leadership and passion that she was a natural fit for the In-Country Coordinator and Assistant Treasurer of Upendo Mmoja. Maria also founded the Iringa Rotaract, D9200.

Nicole DiDomenico
Co-Founder & Board Chair
BA/MST, SUNY Plattsburgh
Director, Civic Engagement at Norwich University, Vermont
Northfield Rotarian, D7850

Ryan Clapper
BOD Vice-Chair
MBA Healthcare, Amer. Sentinel Univ.
Director of Acute Systems &
Clinical Transformation,
St. Joseph’s Hospital in Syracuse, NY

Martin Kilimu Lukwila
BOD Translator/Cultural Advisor
Originally from Dar Es Salaam,
Martin recently moved to NH and is pursuing education and work in the U.S.

North American Upendo Group
The Upendo Men's Group
The Upendo Women's Group
Willy is an 11 year old boy who contracted the HIV virus from his mother during birth. His younger brother, Deucy, also contracted HIV during birth. The boys lost their mother a short while later due to AIDS-related complications. Unfortunately, due to the stress of doctor’s bills, school fees and becoming a widow early in life, their father's mental health declined - making him unfit to care for the two boys.

Due to the virus, Willy’s growth has been stunted and he has to take medication daily to keep the illness at bay. The medicine has serious side effects that cause Willy to suffer from debilitating stomach pain daily.

Though he is looked after by Doni and members of the Catholic church, Willy has no place to call “home."

Well this is Maria Today!
Mama Willy
Upendo Assistant Secretary


Assistant Chair

Mama Tula
Upendo Co-Chair/ Secretary

And Maria is not alone!
In 2011, the Upendo Men's & Women's groups
came together to form:

Where are we today?

The design has been finalized and approved by Upendo group, board and master -builder

The budget for materials and labor was determined, finalized and then updated to reflect increase in supply costs ($32,000)

The building is nearing completion with just the roof, windows, doors and floors to be finished!

Nicole returned to Pommern in June 2014 with a group of students from Norwich University to help work on the building and help the Upendo group devise their 5-year strategic and business plans.

Upendo Mmoja - "One Love"
The need is great and our goal ambitious:
Our immediate need is $30,000
A Shared Vision:
Pommern's Youth is growing up...
And becoming successful with some help!
Maria, now 22, graduated college and is becoming a community leader!
Willy, is still struggling with HIV and needs a place to call home...

Although the local Catholic church helped take care of Willy and Deucy, after years of pain and frustration, Willy ended up in the local jail for having stolen money from the church to support his new addiction to alcohol – an increasingly present commodity in the small village.

Very recently, 17 year old Deucy, succumbed to AIDS and passed away, leaving Willy essentially without family support. More than ever, Willy needs a supportive network and place he can safely battle his illness.

Doni, now 21, is becoming a productive young man, but still needs guidance and stability... He
recently had to leave school because he couldn’t afford the fees and has been unable to find a sponsor.

Doni has been an avid supporter of Upendo Mmoja since its inception in 2011. He is currently caring for his grandmother and best friend, Willy, and attempting to pursue vocational studies in automotive repair.
The Upendo Women, Men, and our young friends need your help...
Can you help?
If the answer is
To make a
Please make checks payable to:

Send to:

Check out for our Facebook Page and Website, both of which are up and running:

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Asante sana!
...With a goal to acheive their shared vision.
Attn: Upendo Mmoja

148 Highland Ave.
Barre, VT 05641
* Global Community Initiatives is a Montpelier-based, registered 501 (c)-3 with an int’l scope that serves as Upendo Mmoja’s fiscal agent.

” with “
” as the notation *
Doni and Willy are best friends.
A vision of the Upendo Mmoja Center...
A center for community development and support...
The Rotary
For more information or to learn how you can help, Contact:
Nicole DiDomenico


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