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Turkey, Iran, Cyprus

No description

Shelby Hooper

on 13 February 2014

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Transcript of Turkey, Iran, Cyprus

Turkey, Iran, Cyprus
Islam Changes Iran
Modernization in Iran:
Reza Khan- declared Shah 1925
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi
1979-Revolution- Ayatollahs
Shah Ousted- Ayatollah Khomeni
Iran Today:
1989-Ayatollah Khomeni died, Iran Changed
2005- Ahmadinejad Elected- Conservative
Nuclear Weapons Controversy
Greek Influence
4/5 Speak Greek; Greek Orthodox
1/5 Turkish; Islam
1960-Independence and Civil War
Wanted to reunite with Greece
Turkey sent troops in to aid the turkish minority
Nations northern 1/3 taken

Persian, Greek, Roman
Mustafa Kemal(ataturk)-1928 overthrew the Sultan
European style laws- women given right to vote
Turkey Today
Debt and inflation
Kurdish Independence-20% population
Turkey denies Armenian Genocide
Seeking entrance to European Union
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