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This Present Darkness

No description

Gemma Kirkman

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of This Present Darkness

The characters in the spiritual realm are angels and demons

Gulio, Tal, Scion, Triskal, Krioni, Mota, Chimon, Nathan, Armoth, Signa, Senter, Cree, Seth, and the General.

The Strongman, Rafar, Lucious, Deception, Murder, Complacency, Lust, Divination, Rebellion, Sorcery, Witchcraft, Confusion, Hate, Madness, and Rape.
This Present Darkness is a novel full of suspense. In the sleepy college town of Ashton, demonic forces have been at work to take power over the whole town, and eventually... the whole world. But the Heavenly Host of God's angels are summoned to the town by a young preacher named Hank Busch and a Remnant of praying saints. Soon, the unseen principalities are at work in an intense spiritual battle. The suspense in this novel is created with elements such as intensity, detail, and character development. I think the character development is really what makes this novel interesting to me, personally. The characters in the spiritual realm, the main characters who are fighting to save the town, and the evil characters who are taking over the town all play a role in creating suspense in this story.
The Characters
Marshall Hogan and Bernice Kruger
These two are high energy characters, and two of the handful of main characters. Marshall is the new owner/editor of the
Ashton Clarion
newspaper. He is fondly referred to by his staff as "Attila the Hogan". The angels and demons call him "the Hound", and for good reason. Marshall is a burly, aggressive reporter to the core. He is a red-head, like his wife Kate and does not have a good relationship with his daughter Sandy at first. Bernice Kruger, his attractive reporter/columnist. When the mysterious story begins to surface these two enthusiastic reporters are on the chase, and have many suspenseful adventures while getting to the bottom of the mystery, including being chased by police and people involved in the powerful "Omni Corporation" These two, along with many others helping them along the way (Kevin Weed, Susan, Sarah, and others) play a huge role in the fight to free the town.
This picture represents the suspense in the novel when Susan is in the van being chased by the Omni Corporation, and the van is breaking down, and isn't going fast enough, but the angels swoop in and pull the van along, fighting off demons all the while. And when the van finally goes flying over the edge of a cliff, they have already rescued Susan miraculously from the van.
The Remnant
By Frank E. Peretti
This Present Darkness
The praying saints of Ashton are a group of Jesus-Followers who are passionate about furthering God's kingdom, and on fire for the Lord. These people love one another and are courageous and fierce prayer warriors, which is what fuels the strength of the Heavenly Hosts in the unseen spiritual battle. Their church's new pastor, Hank Busch and his wife's prayers are what began the fight against the growing evil in the town. It was Hank's prayers that brought the angels to Ashton, and his prayers that brought the church family of Ashton Community Church back together on mission for God.
The Demons were taking control of Ashton, reeking havok on the people of the town and fighting to further the evil kingdom of Satan.
The sensory details used to describe these scary enemies and their forms of attack add to suspense and create a scary army of villains
The Heavenly Host of God swoop into the chaos of Ashton, summoned by the prayers of the saints, and begin planning their strategies of attack to counter the demons and prepare for a huge battle. The bravery and intensity of these warriors gets the story really going and as you come to know each of these angelic warriors better you come to really adore them. Their love for one another and enthusiasm for protecting God's people, along with their fierce bravery in fighting the demons both captures the readers attention and interest, and adds to the suspense and intensity of the story. Plus, these guys are hilarious and very animated characters that add so much color to the story!
Captain Tal :
As Captain of the Host, Tal is one of the best warriors in the spiritual realm. He is decribed as being blonde with golden eyes of fire.
Guilo is a very close friend of Tal. He is filled with the fire of battle, yet has an incredible tenderness toward the saints of God. Guilo is described as being dark-haired and built like a tank.
The Police Station (Alf Brummel)
Other enemies include
Juleen Langstrat,
college professor who taught a class titled "Psychology of Self", in which Sandy Hogan is enrolled at Whitmore College.
Alf Brummel
is the chief of the Ashton police department. Brummel is a classic city cop in his thirties who seems to like smiling a lot.
Alexander Kaseph
is the head of Omni Corperation and The Universal Consciousness Society.
These are just a few of the many people being used to take over the town of Ashton and then, the world. These intense characters add so much variety and twists to the plot. Langstrat and Kaseph talk to demons, Brummel is being used by both of them and is constantly after Kreuger and Hogan, creating countless suspenseful situations and increasingly intense cliff-hanger moments.
When these saints prayed and worshiped God,
the angels in the rafters above sang along,

"their voices smooth and flowing like cellos and basses in a symphony. Triskal looked at Krioni, smiled broadly, and flexed his arms. Krioni smiled and flexed back. Chimon took his sword and made it dance from the pivot of his wrist, tracing streaks and curls of shimmering light in the air as the blade sang with a beautiful resonance. Mota just looked toward heaven, his silken wings spreading, his arms upraised, caught up in the rapture of the song." (198)
The Bad Guys
'The General touched Tal on the shoulder. Tal looked and saw that big, golden trumpet in the General's hand.
"Well, captain," said the silver-haired angel, "how about doing the honors? Sound the victory!"
Tal took the trumpet in his hand and found that he could not see through a sudden flow of tears. He looked down at all those praying saints and that little praying pastor.
"They.... they will never know what they have done," he said. Then he took a deep breath to sober up and turned to his old buddy-in-arms. "Guilo, how about you?" he pushed the trumpet toward the big angel.
Gulio was reluctant. "Captain Tal, you are always the one who sounds the victory."
Tal smiled, gave Guilo the trumpet, and sat down right there on the roof. "Dear friend... I am just too tired."
Guilo thought about that for one short moment, then started guffawing, then slapped Tal on the back and sailed into the air. The victory signal went forth loud and clear, and Guilo even did a tight corcscrew climb for effect.
"He loves to do that!" said Tal.
The General laughed.' (374)
The Ashton Clarion
Gemma Kirkman
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