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No description

Rosie Lavelle

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Perseus

The son of Danae and Zeus that kills Medusa with help from Athena and Hermes. Prophesized to kill Danae's father, Acrisius.
Brother of Polydectes that finds and Danae and Perseus in a brass encased wooden box , washed up on the sea shore. He gives them a new home and a new life on the little island.
Father of the gods that impregnates Danae with Perseus.
Acrisius goes to Delphi to ask the oracle if hell ever have a son.
The oracle tells him that Danae will have a child that will kill him. So he then locks her up so she wont have a son.
Zeus impregnates Danae, and Acrisius finds out. He puts the baby, Perseus, and Danae into a wooden box and casts them out to sea.
Dictys and his wife take Danae and Perseus in and raise them on their brother's island
Perseus travels to Dodona to find the Grey Women who can tell him how to get to the Nymphs of the North.
He steals the Grey Woman's shared eye and demands directions to the Hyperboans.
He gets the Nymphs' location as well as a sword and shield from Hermes and Athena.
The Hyperboan's give Perseus a magic wallet, winged sandals, and an invisible cap, that makes you invisible when you put it on.
Perseus returns home and realizes Dictys and Danae have taken refuge in a nearby temple in an attempt to hide from Polydectes.
Perseus finds Acrisius hosting a party and uses Medusa's stone cold gaze to turn everyone there into stone statues.
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Perseus then travels to Ayros, Greece to see Acrisius. He he winds up competing in an athletic competition, and accidentally kills Acrisius with a discus (frisbee.)
Andromeda has Electryon
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King Acrisius:
Father of Danae who traps her to keep her from having a son who was prophesized to kill him.
Messenger god that aids Perseus in his quest to kill Medusa.
Warrior goddess that also aids Perseus in his quest.
Group of people that give Persus the gifts he uses to kill Medusa
Son of Perseus and Andromeda.
Dictys' evil brother, Polydyctes, sends Perseus on a dangerous mission to slay the Gorgon, Medusa, hoping he'll die so he'll have Danae all to himself.
On his journey back to Argos Perseus meets Andromeda and saves her from a sea serpent after falling in love with her.
Perseus by Ovid and Apollodorus
By Grace, Isabel, Riley, Aaron, and Rosemary
Perseus, Hermes, and Athena make a plan on getting information out of the Grey Women. you see, the 3 Gray Women share 1 eye, and if Perseus takes the eye, he can make them tell him the way to the Nymphs of the North.
Is offerd to a sea serpent because she angered a god. the god had a sea serpent attack the people of her village. Perseus slays the serpent and marries her.
Group of people that give Perseus a magic wallet, an invisibility cap, and flying sandals. He uses them to defeat Medusa .
He journeys to the Terrible Sisters' island and successfully kills Medusa,by chopping off her head. He uses the shield as a mirror so he wont have to look into the Gorgons' eyes. If he does he could turn to stone.
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