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Le Paris

No description

Yaremis Martinez

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Le Paris

Its capital is Paris
France,Oficial the republick
is a unitary semi.presindential
republic in western Europe with
several overseas territories and
islands locate on other continents
and in the indian, pacific, and
atlantic oceans.Metropolitan france
extends from the mediterranean sea
to the english channel and the
north sea, and from the rhine to the
atlantic ocean.
It is the largest western europe
country and it possesses the
second-largest exclusive
economic zone in the world,
covering 11,035,000 km2
Over the past 500 year, france
has been major power with strong
cultural, economic, military and
political infuence in europe and
around the world. During the 17th
and 18th centuring, france colonised
grat parts of north america and
southeast Asia
During the 19th and early 20th
centuries, France built the second
largest colonial empire of the time,
including large portions of north,
west and central africa, southeast
asia, and many caribbean and
pacific islands
France has its main ideals expressed
in the declaration of the rights of man
and of the citizen. the french republic is
defined as indivisible, secular, democratic
and social by its constitucion. France
is one of the worlds most developed
countries, it possesses the words fifth
largest economy measured by GDP.
Francee is the wealthiest european
(and the world´s 4th) nation in aggregate
household wealth.
France enjoys a high standard of living
as well as a high public education level,
and has also one of the word´s highest
life expectancies. France has been listed
as the world´s "best overall health care"
provider by the world health organization
it is the most visited country in the world,
receiving 82 million foreign tourist annually
Administrative Divisions
France is divided into:
27 administrative regions
22 are in metropolitan france,
and five are overseas regions
The regions are further
subdivide into 101
A member od the G8 group of leading
industrialised countries, it is ranked as
the world´s fith largest and europeps
second largest economy by nominal
GDP; with 39 of the 500 biggest
companies of the world in 2010.
France joined 11 other EU
members to launch the euro
on 1 january 1999
The north and northwest have a temperate
climate, while a combination of maritime
influences, latitude and altitude produce a
varied climate in the rest of metropolitan
In the south-east a mediteranean climate.
in the west, the clmate is predominantly
oceanic with a high level of rainfall, mild
winters and cool to warm summers.
The climate of the Alps
and other mountainous
regions is mainly alpine
France is a secular country, and freedom
of religion is a constitucional right
french religius policy is based on the
concept of laicité, a strict separation
of church and state under which public
life is kept completely secular
France was historically
regarded as the
"eldest daughter" of the
roman catholic church
Thanks for your attention
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