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Five Geographic Regions of Alabama

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on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Five Geographic Regions of Alabama

Five Geographic Regions
East Gulf Coastal Plain
Region is nearly flat
Rivers in this region flow into the ocean
Touches the Gulf of Mexico
Largest region
Rivers: Mobile, Tombigbee, Black Warrior, and Alabama
Fertile valleys- Black Belt Prairie
Northern edge- Fall Line: Higher elevation
Piedmont Region
East-central Alabama
Low hills and broad valleys
Some hills left but most have been eroded away
Mount Cheaha, the highest point in Alabama, is in this region
Cumberland Plateau
Sometimes called the Appalachian Plateau
Northwest to the Alabama Ridge and Valley region
Running water erodes rocks making this region very hilly
Tree-covered mountains and rolling terrain
Highland Rim
Begins in North Alabama
Smallest region in the state
Bordered by the East Gulf Coastal Plain and the Cumberland Plateau
Most of this land falls in the Tennessee River Valley
Fertile land good for farming
Alabama Ridge and Valley
Also called the Appalachian Ridge and Valley
Northwest of the Peidmont Region
Ridges and valleys lie parallel (side by side) to one another
Longest mountains found in this region such as Red Mountain and Lookout Mountain
The Land We Call Alabama
Alabama's Major Rivers
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