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Rosa Llanto

on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=image

Jazz Dance in the 70's Era
Famous Dancers
*Gregory Hines -> The Cotton Club, White Nights

*Bob Fosse -> choreographer for Chicago, Cabaret

*John Travolta -> Grease and Saturday Night Fever

Michael Bennet-> A Chorus Line
Important Facts
*Discos began to appear

*Jazz had a heavy "Latin" influence, bringing breakdancing and B-boying

*Jazz became a way of determining superiority , an alternate to gang violence
Time Period
*Post Vietnam War time

*After the late 60s introduces rock music influenced by ongoing situations, drugs, protests

*1970s are described as a decade of the contemporary American life.

*Counterculture --> Woodstock
Evolution of Jazz
*People danced how they felt, had lows and highs in jazz dance

*The Trend of Discos grew

*Equal Rights Movement passed in 1972, so jazz had a larger feminine influence

*Discos change jazz from partnered to solo and freestyle

*Discos are popular for drinking

*Breakdancing evolves with Latin influence -> B-boying and is alternative to gang violence
Famous Musicals
*Grease (1970s)

*The Wiz (1975)

*Saturday Night Fever (1977)

*A Chorus Line
Dance Moves
*Bus Stop

*The Hustle

*Roller Coaster

*The Bump


*Electric Boogaloo
Works Cited
Dance Theater of Harlem
*Opened 1971 by Arthur Miller
*opened to teach jazz dance, especially as it spread to entertainment
*Key production was "Dougla"

Hubbard Street Dance Chicago
*Opened in late 1970s by Lou Conte
*Combine theatrical jazz, modern/classical ballet
*Recognized internationally
History of Jazz Article
* Alameda Civic Ballet
* Alonzo King lines Ballet
* Bay Pointe Ballet
* Cape Town City Ballet
* Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre
*1970's fashion trends represent the rebellion against the old guard that began with the hippie movement of 60's

* 1960's fashion focused on the future -like Andre Courrege's 1964 " Moon Girl" collection that represented American space expolartion the 70's was nostaligicera that looked to the past for fashion inspiration
* R&B Funk is still use to this day
*Micheal Jackson started the decade as a part in Jackson 5 & when he went solo .
* Also hardcore soul fans favored the bass driven sound of funk
* James Brown was still around into he pass 2006.
* Geroge Clinton & his bands funkadelic & paraliament came to personify funk with tracks like " Tear The Roof The Sucker "
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