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Bosnia, Period F

No description

nathan moulton

on 8 June 2015

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Transcript of Bosnia, Period F

*2,000,000 refugees were killed
*People in present day are still missing and they had no proper funerals
*Serbian troops went to Croatia and killed people for 86 days straight to prevent them from leaving
*Serbs burned homes and forced them to leave so they could expand Serbia
*Dayton Accords is the peace plan that led to 60,000 troops being sent to try to make peace
*Other Muslim countries joined and helped Bosnia
*200,000 muslims were killed
*The Croat leader, the Serb leader and the Bosnian leader joined to make one country

By: Julianna Sinotte, Amanda Obreiter, Cameron Levett, and Nathan Moulton
Actions Taken\What Happened
*Religious nations fought for independence

*Serbia came out to "ethnically" cleanse Bosnia, and all muslims were removed (32% of the population)

*A Serb ruler became the leader of Germany after it was defeated

*Yugoslavia wasn't allowed to get weapons

*Men 13 and older were gun downed and killed, along with sexual violence against the women

*Peacekeepers gave the Bosnian muslims food and medicine but it did not help

*Peacekeepers were captured by the Serbs and chained them where bombs were dropped

*There were many different religions in the country of Yugoslavia who did not get along

*A Serb leader was put in charge and massive fighting occurred

*The Serbs had the biggest army at the time with many weapons which is why they were so successful

*The Bosnian citizens were completely defenseless to the Serbs' attacks

Nikola Vuckovic
*When the Serb's ethnic cleansing campaign was launched, he turned against the entire non Serb population
*He subjected clients to vicious acts of torture and cruel, inhuman treatment

"Disturbingly, Vuckovic was acquainted with the plaintiffs from before the war because they were neighbors in Bosanski Samac."
Serb Forces
*Had the strongest armies at this time
*Also had great goon power which is why they were able to manipulate and destroy

"The Serbs lashed out at the Bosnian Muslims and attempted to rid Bosnia, they lined men and boy of the age of 13 and shot them down."

General Ratko Mladic
*Went to Srebrenica to claim their town for the Serbs
*Lead the Serb army and sent them to attack against the Bosnian citizens
*Known to dehumanize others and was one of the main causes of the genocide

"The Bosnian Serb general, who is now on trial in The Hague charged with genocide and other crimes against humanity, eluded capture for 14 years, with the help of the Serbian military, then his wartime lieutenants, and then his family. "
There was no help from the people outside Bosnia. Even though people knew there was suffering going on, they did not step in or join the Bosnian people in that area.



The Serbs would symbolize the Bosnian and Croatians by their religion and divide people into groups. Any one who wasn't Serbian was considered toxic.
*The Serbs starved the Bosnian muslims
*The Muslims were removed when the Serbs came to ethnically cleanse them

The Serbs were trying to kill the Bosnian muslims
*Muslims could only live in certain places
*Yugoslavia wasn't allowed to get weapons
* Had weapons and goods taken away
*Controlled the streets and patrolled them
*They were forced to live in certain places until they were killed just like the holocaust and their "ghetos"
*Men 13 and older were gunned down and shot
*Bombs were dropped on and near schools
*The Serbs captured peace keepers and chained them where bombs were to be dropped
*Over 200,000 muslims were killed total
The Bosnia genocide was when the Serbs attacked the Bosnian citizens.
This connects to the Bosnian genocide because the Serbs not only took away physical objects and belongings of the Bosnian muslims, but they took away their entire lives, just like the author was getting across in this poem. They made is so that the Bosnian muslims forgot what it was like to live a normal life, and took away the most important and special parts. During this time, life was predictable for the muslims... they would suffer drastically, or even worse, get killed. This poem shows how instead of being able to enjoy the beautiful gift of life, the Bosnian people were unable to experience that, and life truly had a different meaning.
I chose this video because we can hear their stories and what they experienced during the genocide
*Propaganda was used on both sides to convince the Serbs to join the cause and the rebels to fight
*Serbs used media to make the other Serbs afraid and they dug up graves of what they claimed were once murdered Serbs
People are still denying the Bosnia genocide.
*They moved mass graves to hide the people who have been killed
*Some of the leaders of the genocide got away with it
"Through error, misjudgment and the inability to recognize the scope of evil confronting us we failed to do our part to save the people of Srebrenica from the Serb campaign of mass murder,'' a senior United Nations official said today, introducing the report... These failings were in part rooted in a philosophy of neutrality and nonviolence wholly unsuited to the conflict in Bosnia."
Col. Karremans-
He requested for air support to bomb the Serbs.
"Monday July 10 1995
8:55am Col. Karremans files requested for AIR SUPPORT selective bombing of Serb tanks and artillery"

Croatian Army-
They sometimes tried to help the Bosnian government fight the Serbs.
"Though Bosnian government forces tried to defend the territory, sometimes with the help of the Croatian army, Bosnian Serb forces were in control of nearly three-quarters of the country by the end of 1993,"
Bystander Evidence
This shows that they were bystanders because the lady said "we failed to do our part to save the people of Srebrenica from the Serbs.
*Non Serbs were moved to concentration camps
*Serbs created 677 camps and centers where prisoners were to be killed
*Serbs started to run the streets and countryside that did not belong to them
*Prisoners taken to cliffs to be shot
*Women taken to special camps where men would hurt them
Into our homes they came with force
To take our ways without remorse

Erase our past with blood and sweat
So we wont know, so we'd forget

They took the heroes from our tales
So we'd forget how good prevails

They took our land beneath our feet
So we'd forget from where we eat

They took our sky above our hands
So we'd forget where prayer ends

They took our mountain's holy name
So we'd forget from where we came

They took our brightest and our best
So we'd forget how much we're blessed

And all the winds drunk with their cries
Will haunt forever those with lies

A hundred years have come and gone
But we're not perished, we have grown

But to remember is to live
And I'll be damned if I forget!


World without genocide.com, (Bosnian genocide.)
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